Seahawks Acquire Bills RB Marshawn Lynch

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    Jay Glazer of FOX reports that the Seattle Seahawks have traded for Bills running back Marshawn Lynch. The Seahawks give up a fourth-round pick in the 2011 NFL draft and a conditional latter-round pick in 2012. There were several teams linked to wanting to acquire Lynch, among them the Packers and the Eagles Lynch was drafted by the Bills in the first round of the 2007 NFL Draft and was their first 1,000 yard rookie rusher since Greg Bell in 1984. He was made expendable with the drafting of first-round pick C.J. Spiller.

    Source: Jay Glazer,
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  2. CaptainStubing

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    the packers couldn't give up a 4th and a conditional to get a real running back? the seahawks did it instead?
  3. CStevenson13

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    Yea i think Green Bay def. dropped the ball there
  4. CaptainStubing

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    their current regime has made it abundantly clear that they don't give up draft picks in trades and don't deal in the free agent market very much. but, in this case, if their inability to bring in a real running back keeps them from winning a super bowl that many expected them to win, it will be a major black mark on TT and MM's resumes and both of them could begin to feel pressure for their jobs starting next season ..................
  5. Inclulbus

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    wowwwww. im glad green bay didnt get him, but what were they thinking?
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    what the heck yo
  7. CStevenson13

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    Your absolutely right, my team is pretty tight with the picks but will make the moves when they need to be made. Value is value, no matter what form in comes in and they have a need. This could def. come back to bite them.
  8. CaptainStubing

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    TT is a shrewd negotiator. he probably offered a 'cheesehead' hat and ryan grant's torn ligament to the bills for lynch and wouldn't budge in the negotiations. good job TT. move on to mcgahee and offer the ravens aaron rodgers' rookie card and a lifetime supply of cheese curds. see where that gets you.
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  9. phiglesphan

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    Wow...I didn't like the rumors of the Eagles interest but I would have been fine with that deal.
  10. dough21

    dough21 Go Pack Go!!!

  11. SoDev

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    Glad Eagles didn't get him... lolol :icon_smile:
  12. mmehring

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    OMFG. This is BULLCRAP TT!
  13. 86WARD

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    lol @ Thompson...come on dude...
  14. andy82

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    I'll get the obvious out of the way. I don't care what your ideals or methods are when it comes to putting together a team, when you've got Brandon Jackson as your leading tailback and a talent like Lynch is available, you must make that move. I fully believe Marshawn could have put the Packers over the top, and to not make the move for a fourth round and compo is a real headstratcher.

    Onto Seattle, they have just given themselves their first legitimate offensive weapon since Shaun Alexander won the MVP, and after the humiliation (:icon_cheesygrin:) they suffered in STL this was a good move to make for a 27th rated rush attack. Certainly not going to make them scary but it would be hard to believe that this won't help them in the tail end of the NFC West scrap (Har Har).

    BTW: Third RB traded to the Seahawks in six months.
  15. keemNicks

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    I hope he rejuvinates himself nicely just as LT did. The kid is still a beast.
  16. SoDev

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    ...wait, so the Bills had a potential 3 way bid and could only pull a 4th+. Weak sauce.
  17. bigsexyy81

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    A buddy of mine said it best.

    Doesn't matter who is in the backfield if defenders are hitting him half a second after he touches the ball.

    Obviously on paper, Lynch is a better runner than Forsett. Time shall tell.
  18. 86WARD

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    It's a good move for the Seahawks. Lynch will most likely be the #1 back coming off the bye week with Forsett more suited for a third down role. Instantly improves the run game in a division that is probably the weakest in the league. They could eventually look back on it and say this was the move that won them the division. Like bigsexy said, time will tell...
  19. TOP DAWG

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    Seems to be a great move by Seattle.
  20. Nice move by the 'Hawks.....there in it to win this year.