Seahawks Coach Pete Carroll Believes TE John Carlson Still Fits In Teams Plans

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  1. The Seattle Seahawks reached an agreement to acquire tight end Zach Miller, a free agent from the Oakland Raiders. The contract terms for Miller are $34 million over five years with $17 million guaranteed, according to Adam Schefter of ESPN "This is a fantastic move for us," coach Pete Carroll said after Tuesday's practice. "Zach is a great football player. He's a great person, and a great competitor ... He makes us a more versatile offense. We'll be able to use he and John in so many different ways." The next question is how this acquisition will affect John Carlson, Seattle's starter the previous three seasons. In his first two seasons in Seattle, Carlson had the two highest single-season catch totals of any tight end in team history. Is there room for both Carlson and Miller on the same roster? "Absolutely," Carroll said. "It's exactly that's in our mind. Anybody thinks otherwise doesn't get it. We think those guys will play together in tandem. They'll be on opposite sides. We'll be moving them around for matchups and all kinds of stuff. I think it's a great asset for us now. "We've always liked to play with two tight ends with a number of different packages, and this just gives us tremendous flexibility at a really high level. I'm really hoping this is going to be difficult for our opponents because of the matchups we'll be able to create."

    Source: Seattle Times
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    lol...smoke screen?
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  3. I like Pete Carroll but I wouldn't always take what he says to heart.

    I expect the phones to be ringing on a possible Osi-Carlson trade along with a 2012 draft pick. I still believe it'll be a third rounder.

    There are rumblings of a possible deal but nothing official.
  4. 110 percent certain......

    Kevin Boss mentioned the Raiders as a possible destination if they lost Zach Miller. And thats exactly what happened. Miller now has set the market at the TE position in free agency. Al Davis may throw big wads of cash Boss' way to lure him to the Bay Area.....Boss is from the west coast.

    Carlson is on the final year of his rookie deal and could be a more cap friendly option for the Giants in 2011. He could earn an extension during the season or before free agency in 2012.

    The Seahawks is one of the five teams that expressed interest in Osi Umenyiora. The dots are there to be crossed.
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    I heard the interview with Boss and he also said that the Giants were his first choice and number one priority. He said if things didn't work out with New York, he'd be open to returning to the Giants. He also said he would like to return to the West Coast if the opportunity was there. He was asked about the Raiders and said he'd be open to that. He didn't come out and say he was interested in the Raiders...

    I think the Seahawks could trade him if the price is right...if not, they'll sit on him...nothing to lose. If the Giants lose Boss, they may be the one handing over the extra
  6. While he did say the G-Men was his No. 1 priority....he also confessed to Adam Schein he would be interested in the Raiders should they lose Zach Miller. And they did.

    I'm not saying I'm 100 percent sure John Carlson will be a Giant and Osi will be a Seahawk....but the blue prints of that happening are at least laid out.
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    That's the same interview I heard. He didn't come out and say it. He was asked about the Raiders and he said he'd be open if there was an opportunity if things didn't work out with New York. He didn't come out and say it.

    On paper, it's a perfect fit for both teams...I just think the Seahawks aren't going to give him away unless the deal is juicy enough for them...
  8. I want Boss back as much as anyone....but if it gets too expensive.....they have to at least do their "due diligence" on Carlson.

    It is safe to say Oakland will enter the fray for Boss' services......
  9. Osi isn't juicy enough for Carlson?
  10. I've also heard that Marcus Trufant could be included in the deal as well......the Giants would further improve their secondary depth with that addition. And he would gladly restructure his $5.9M salary in 2011 to play for a contender.
  11. Article updated......
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    No. Especially if the Giants don't have Boss...
  13. So you wouldn't trade John Carlson + 2012 third round pick for Osi if you were Seattle?

    Thats what I mean......
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    If the Giants don't have Boss? No. Why would I want a guy that wants $7 million a year more than his current contract, which he has two years left on and may or may not be worth $10 million? What else are you going to do for a TE if you don't get Carlson? The deal really benefits the Giants more so than the Seahawks. You get a TE of Pro-Bowl caliber...which if you didn't you'd have garbage there and a pick, in turn the Seahawks take your problem child of your hands...

    I'd want more...

    The trade makes sense on paper and I wouldn't be surprised if it happened, I just wouldn't do the deal you are asking for.