Seahawks Coach Pete Carroll On RB Marshawn Lynch: We're Working Through Things

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    Seahawks coach Pete Carroll was asked about this relationship with running backMarshawn Lynch on Monday, and Carroll didn't deny that there might be a few issues between the two.

    The Seahawks coach believes the issues stem from training camp when Lynch held out in hopes of getting a raise. During an interview with 710 ESPN in Seattle, Carroll said he's currently working through things with Lynch.

    "We're working through it," Carroll said. "Marshawn is a very private person and we've all learned that and we've respected that about him for years. I've respected the heck out of that when we got to the Super Bowl last year and everyone was clamoring and all that."

    The tenuous relationship between Lynch and Carroll has been in the spotlight since Sunday, when Lynch decided not to go into the Seahawks locker room at halftime ofSeattle's 24-20 loss to Kansas City.
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    They need couples counseling