Seahawks Coach Pete Carroll Says 'The League Backed It Up, Game Over And We Win'

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    Danny O'Neil of the Seattle Times reports Seahawks coach Pete Carroll was asked on 710 ESPN in Seattle about the characterization that his team stole the game from the Green Bay Packers.

    "I don't care," Carroll said on the air. "I could care less about all that stuff. The game's played, they called it. We played with the officials they sent out there, we played with the team that they put out there, and at the end of it, we throw the ball up and Golden (Tate) makes an extraordinary effort. It's a great protection, it's a great throw, it's a great attempt at the ball and he wins the battle."

    "They were right on the point, looking right at it, standing right over the thing, and they reviewed it. Whether they missed the push or not, obviously they missed the push in the battle for the ball, but that stuff goes on all the team. They see it, they don't see it, that happens with the official officials so the result is that they called it, and the league backed it up, game over and we win."

    Carroll was asked if he thought the players had simultaneous possession as the officials ruled.

    "It was simultaneous when they got to the ground," Carroll said. "There was a little bit of an edge for the (defensive back) up in the air, but it's not over there. You've got to get to the ground and finish the catch, and when we finished the catch, we had the ball and they had the ball, too. So it's simultaneous."

    Carroll was asked by host Brock Huard to respond to the characterization that the call was tragic in that Green Bay's defender was clearly up in the air with the ball in his hands while Tate may have his left hand in.

    "You have to complete the catch on the ground," Carroll said. "It's not over yet. This stuff happens, and by the time they got to the ground, the ball right in Golden's chest, he's got both arms on the football and that guy is laying on top of him, too. So that's why they said, simultaneous. Now, people don't want to hear that, but that's what happened."

    Source: The Redzone
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    he even had the nerve to say in another interview, game is over "get over it"...what a freaking sleazeball....
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    It's really not his fault he "won" the game, but just STFU and get on to the next need for the comments.
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    pete carroll is a d-bag and has always been a d-bag. i wish him nothing but the worst.
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    The ball was "right in Golden's chest"??? Way to go Petey. You just proved that you have absolutely NO integrity!!
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    He explained why it was simultaneous and the description he gave was exactly what it isn't
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    What a heckin peace of craptttt
  8. ollysj

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    Total denies the reality...
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    I know it was an awful call but we do need to move on. we cant just keep on critiquing this call. the refs blew it now its time to move on. im tired of talking about this call
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    ^^ well then dont click the story.

    the less ranting by the fans the less pressure the nfl has to resolve this problem.
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    Pete Carroll continues to make the Seahawks easily dislikeable along with their ugly uniforms, pathetic SBXL conspiracies, the Hasselbeck years, irritating fanbase, whatever this event goes down as in NFL Lore etc.
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    OMG [MENTION=1359]andy82[/MENTION] Seahawks unis were the worse....They easily win the ugliest uniforms in the nation...:dirty34:
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    Yea, Rog is going to admit how hecked up the replacements are while in the middle of negotiations with the real ones.

    Silly rabbit....
  14. andy82

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  15. Huxley

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    So true. I can't stand the Seahawks and never have.