Seahawks Fans Protest Lockout

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    The reputation of Seattle Seahawks' fans earned them a 10-seed in an ESPN-run tournament to determine who appears on the cover of EA Sports' Madden '12 video game. On Sunday, a dozen or so members of the 12th Man gathered at Qwest Field to protest the lockout and sign a petition pledging to not purchase NFL-licensed products until the labor situation is resolved. The main concern was the potential loss of football, which doesn't sit well with season-ticket holders who were required to return payment on invoices without a guarantee that games will be played. "It's a lot of money for the whole season. And to know that there might not be a season, there's a lot of stuff I could spend that money on," Seahawks season ticket holder Ashley Adams told Ray Lane of KOMO News. Both sides in the labor dispute are confident that the 2011 regular season will start on time, and teams, including the Seahawks, have outlined plans to issue credits or refunds for any games lost to a work stoppage. A key date in the labor dispute is April 6, when federal judge Susan Nelson will preside over a preliminary hearing on a motion by the players to lift the lockout, which has thus far delayed the start of free agency and off-season workout programs, and threatens to cost the players over $40 million in workout bonuses.

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    Add me to the petition
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    I walked by Just Sports yesterday and didn't even think about going in. Usually I'll check it out to see if they have some random Eagles lamp or lawn gnome or something new.

    But heck 'em right now.
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    I'll sign. I usually check out the local stores for random steelers stuff as well...haven't looked once. But haven't really gone out of my way not to look...if that makes sense...
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    Does anyone know where I can get a Virginia Destroyers jersey?
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    Me too.

    I haven't looked for football stuff either. Hell I was going to buy my girlfriend this really sexy NFL related lingerie and underwear set from Victoria's Secret, but after the lockout I just forgot completely about it. :( Sad is Sad.