Seahawks Fire Offensive Coordinator Jeremy Bates

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  1. NFL Network's Michael Lombardi reports the Seahawks have fired offensive coordinator Jeremy Bates. It's a shocking move -- and especially odd considering the timing. Bates schooled highly regarded Saints defensive coordinator Gregg Williams in the Wild Card round playoff upset with a masterful game plan. The Seahawks offense was nothing special during the regular season, but Bates was working with a talent deficit at every position. Perhaps coach Pete Carroll has a crony lined up to take Bates' place.

    Source: Michael Lombardi:
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  2. Carroll wants to bring in Josh McDaniels......I know it.
  3. And McDaniels fits the bill of a "crony"......
  4. Like I said.....I freaking knew it......

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    eh, i don't think it's shocking as if bates did a 'great' job this year or anything ......... he did 'alright' with what he had but there may be better options for carroll
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    i wouldnt be mad if the Chiefs pick up Bates. he did have a nice year calling plays. i was at the KC @ Hawks game...his players just had lack of excution and a solid Chiefs D he called against.
  7. This would make the Seattle fan base very happy......and probably the best overall choice imo. Jim Zorn returning to Seattle would be a good P.R. move as well.

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