Seahawks Interested In Eagles QB Kevin Kolb, Not Donovan McNabb

Discussion in 'Seattle Seahawks' started by pctrips, Mar 11, 2010.

  1. pctrips

    pctrips Pro Bowler reports the Seattle Seahawks have expressed interest in one – not two – Eagles quarterbacks. A source in Seattle has informed Comcast SportsNet that the Seahawks have contacted the Eagles about Kevin Kolb, contradicting a report that the team has asked about Donovan McNabb as well.

    Source: RedZone
  2. Crowned

    Crowned Doesn't give a shit.

    You're safe Lord Joe
  3. bigsexyy81

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  4. smeags

    smeags militant geek

    it's just a ploy to screw with LJ.
  5. Lord_Joe

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    WOOHOO!!! I think Kolb is pretty good. Not a game-changer, but a decent starter.

    Glad to see that the Seahawks, unlike the Eagles, understand scheme fit for QBs.

    (Note: McNabb doesn't fit in the Eagles or Seahawks offense!!)
  6. smeags

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    true, that wasn't the issue with hasselbbeck - he just wasn't good enough.
  7. Lord_Joe

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    He was plenty good enough until he was reduced to David Carr/Marc Bulger esque "Deer In The Headlights" QB play thanks to being sacked or hit every other play.
  8. bigsexyy81

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    I watch this guy play every week. Before the injury began biting his butt every season, he was a better quarterback than McNabb.
  9. smeags

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    bullcrap. hasselbeck played in a division filled with pop warner defenses most of his career and yet barely had a better comp %, less td's - more int's - less yards and he was the more accurate qb.

    while playing more games than mcnabb.

    oh and using the injury thing is nuts cause mcnabb was injured how many years ?
  10. Lord_Joe

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    also whined less, puked into his helmet less, threw his teammates under the bus less, and was a general better (and a lot funnier) human being than McNabb.
  11. bigsexyy81

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    Oh, the Cowboys, Redskins, and Giants have always been killer competition, especially when we were making our NFCCG runs, huh? C'mon...

    Yards, TDs... irrelevant. Hasslebeck was part of a balanced offense (see here: Shaun Alexander Stats - Washington Redskins - ESPN) and that certain someone took a crapload of yards and TDs away from him.

    Well the injury thing and the way that he plays like a cat because his o-line is a revolving door.

    Seeing what I've seen, I would take Hasslebeck in his prime over McNabb. At this point McNabb looks to be the better player but throw him behind this excuse of an o-line in Seattle, and I bet he would get demolished.
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