Seahawks OT Walter Jones Retires

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  1. Longtime Seattle Seahawks LT Walter Jones announced his retirement on Thursday. The nine-time Pro Bowler hasn't played since 2008 as he dealt with knee ailments in recent years and the Seahawks announced they will retire his No. 71 jersey in conjunction with his retirement. Jones was called for holding just nine times in 13 seasons and surrendered just 23 sacks during that time, according to the Seahawks' internal statistics.

    Source: USA Today
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  2. One of the greatest offensive tackles in the modern era and in NFL history. He's a first ballot Hall of Famer in my book. Allowing just 23 sacks in 13 seasons is remarkable. Enjoy your retirement Walter. You've earned it. :icon_cool:
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    Congratulations on a great career Walter. See you at the Hall in a couple years after Jonathan Ogden.
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    Enjoy retirement, please dont Bret Farve us
  5. Another note, the Seahawks used the Bears' first round draft choice they acquired in the Rick Mirer trade to move up to the No. 6 overall spot in the 1997 NFL Draft to take Jones. One of the biggest trades in NFL history imo.
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    wow jason peters gave up 11 in 3/4 a season 2 years ago
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    dude was a grown man
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    Because he's nowhere near as good as Walter Jones haha.
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    Enjoy your retirement Walter.
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    AND only 9 holding penalties.... amazing.
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    That is amazing...damn...
  13. So in essence, Rick Mirer = Walter Jones, Warrick Dunn and Ronde Barber.

    Go Bears!

    Adam Schefter:
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  14. Truly amazing.

    Allowing just 23 sacks in thirteen seasons, less than two sacks a season? Phenomenal.
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    It sucks that injuries mad his last few years really bad. When I say bad I mean him being hurt. Enjoy the rest of your life Mr. Jones.
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    Enjoy your retirement Walter! You earned it!