Seahawks Reach Agreement With USC Coach Pete Carroll

Discussion in 'Seattle Seahawks' started by SRW, Jan 9, 2010.

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    Pete Carroll has reached agreement with the Seahawks on a deal to be their next head coach, multiple NFL sources confirmed early Saturday morning. Carroll was fully expected to be introduced by the Seahawks as early as Monday, assuming they comply with the Rooney Rule this weekend. The hangup could be locating a candidate to interview that would put the Seahawks in compliance with the rule, which requires teams to interview a minority candidate for head-coaching hires.

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    Good luck Pete.
  3. Mike

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    there really must be trouble at USC to leave a plush job like that
  4. warcrychief

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    wow thats crazy.
  5. ketbuckfan

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    Exactly. Must have went to the John Calipari school of when to leave a program.
  6. BU54

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    The Rooney rule is simply ridiculous.
  7. alkaholik

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    ^ sucks for whomever that guy is that will get interviewed just to comply with the rule
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    Wow I didn't see this crap coming at all wow.
  9. Fixed. :icon_cheesygrin:

    And agreed.
  10. Harvs01

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    agreed, now a team has to interview a coach with no chance at the's almost a mochary to whoever they inerview
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    Carroll's always been a crap NFL head coach. Kept the Jets in the cellar and ruined an AFC Champion Pats team. I doubt he's going to be able to do much with that mess in Seattle. At SC the best thing he had going for him was his recruiting ability (ahem) rather than his mediocre coaching...with some of those classes he had, he should have easily had more than one national title under his belt in his time there. As others have pointed out, SC must be on the brink of some heavy duty NCAA punishment for him to want to leave.
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    Wow...I didn't see that one coming...
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    Interesting roll of the dice by the Seahawks brbutt. If he surrounds himself with the right coordinators and coaches it could be interesting. I do think that this guy is just way better suited for the college ranks, but I am interested to see what he can do with another chance in the pros.
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