Seahawks Ready To Start Shopping QB Tarvaris Jackson

Discussion in 'Seattle Seahawks' started by SRW, Aug 14, 2012.

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    Jason LaCanfora reports that the Seattle Seahawks will start shopping Tarvaris Jackson around the league, barring an injury to either Matt Flynn or Russell Wilson. While Pete Carroll has said that it was a three-man competition for the team’s starting quarterback position, Flynn and Wilson have seen all of the playing time during the preseason, which be the case again this weekend. Jackson will make $4 million for the upcoming season, so it certainly makes to see them move on, even if they find no interest in him.

    Source: NFL Trade Rumors
  2. 86WARD

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  3. DontKnowMe

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    I can't really think of a team that would want Jackson.
  4. mj1987us26

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    Where is Childress at?
  5. Crowned

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    Cleveland I believe.
  6. mj1987us26

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    hmmm McCoy for TJax straight up?
  7. Crowned

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    Cleveland is stockpiling mediocre qbs so makes sense.
  8. 86WARD

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    Send Wallace packing, send McCoy packing and bring in T-Jack...
  9. TheSnowman

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    Fairly confident that's not happening
  10. AtlantaBlazer

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    Might as well keep Wallace
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    It's great that they are ready to shop him. But who the heck would be willing to buy???
  12. TheDuke

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    How do you shop something nobody wants?
  13. Walnuts

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    Denver managed.
  14. TheDuke

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    But Tebow is a marketing and sales directors DREAM. Tavaris Jackson is...well he's Tavaris Jackson.
  15. markaz

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    Report: Players would welcome Tarvaris Jackson to Arizona Cardinals - Whether or not people want not believe it Whisenhunt's nuts are on the line. He was a huge part of the Cards hocking the farm to get Kolb and we know how thats turning out. Most observers see Skelton in the driver's seat at this point and bringing in Tavaris Jackson would make absolutely no sense unless the Cards are willing to eat a big Kolb sandwich......and that ain't gonna happen. But we are talking about the Cards, so who knows?
  16. Kolb sucks, Jackson sucks, Wallace sucks.
  17. 86WARD

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    QFT ... I'm really tired of hearing about what value these back up QBs are worth in a's NOTHING! When has one "back up QB" that was suppossed to be the next big thing pan out? Matt Schaub maybe? Compared to how many haven't?

    Seattle will most likely release him, nobody wants to pay Jackson's contract cause he's not worth it. His trade value is zero.

    Jackson is as bad if not worse than Kolb...This would be no upgrade for the Cardinals.
  18. CaptainStubing

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    i dunno if anyone is going to actually give up anything for t-jax. i guess if someone was completely desperate for a back-up qb, they might give a 7th rd pick or something.
  19. markaz

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    Exactly what I'm afraid the Cards may do assuming Skelton will be the starter. The negative to that is that unless they cut/trade Kolb, then the odd man out would be their just drafted Ryan Lindley out of SDSU. Is he the Cards' answer? No. But the team has played well, far better with Lindley than with Kolb behind center and I think the "potential" of Lindley trumps the known crappy commodity in Jackson. Desperate people do desperate things and with the implosion of Kolb and what they had to give up to get him, Whiz and the FO are desperate.
  20. AtlantaBlazer

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    For the record: Jackson is way better than Kolb, let's not get silly here. He's proven himself to be average at best while Kolb has looked like an utter disaster.