Seahawks Say Rookie QB Russell Wilson Will Compete To Start

Discussion in 'Seattle Seahawks' started by SRW, May 13, 2012.

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    Seahawks third round quarterback Russell Wilson showed head coach Pete Carroll enough during this weekend's rookie mini-camp that he will get a chance to compete for the starting job, reports Eric Williams of the Tacoma News Tribune. "He’s showed us enough," Carroll said as the three-day camp concluded on Sunday. "He’s in the competition. And that is going to tax us, as you know. It was already going to be taxing with two. But he’s shown us enough that we need to see where he fits in with these guys." Wilson has a strong arm, a good release point and his intangibles are off the charts, but a lack of size (A half-inch under 5-foot-11 and 204 pounds) kept him out of the first two rounds of the draft. Even though the Seahawks signed free agent Matt Flynn to a three-year, $19.5 million contract in March, incumbent starter Tarvaris Jackson is expected to get the reps with the No. 1 offense during the OTAs and mini-camp. Jackson played through a partially torn pectoral muscle to start 14 of 15 games, passing for 3,091 yards with 14 touchdowns and 13 interceptions.

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    As a Rams fan, I love this Pete Carroll version of the Seahawks.
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    They should let fans come in to compete for the starting position. Better than the crap they have there now. :)
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    That Pete Carroll version of the Seahawks knocked your team out of the postseason three years ago. He's also done a good job with everything BUT the QB position.


    Anyway, of course Wilson is in the mix. He isn't just going to hand it to Jackson (for obvious reasons) or Flynn (for obvious reasons).
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    pete gruden .................... quantity is better than quality
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    Word is he's been ridiculously good...however, it is it's not really hard to be ridiculously god compared to the "competition."

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