Seahawks Select West Virginia DE/LB Bruce Irvin (Rd.1, No.15)

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    With the 15th overall pick in the 2012 NFL Draft, the Seattle Seahawks select Bruce Irvin, OLB (West Virginia). Irvin has been one of the better pass rushers in college football the past two years and has made a large number of plays behind the line of scrimmage. He projects well as a 3-4 outside linebacker yet must polish his game and learn to make plays in reverse rather than straight-ahead. He offers a good amount of upside and the potential to be a very productive NFL player in the future.

    Source: Sports Illustrated
  2. CaptainStubing

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    major head scratcher. even if he turns out to be good, they could have gotten him in the 2nd.
  3. bigsexyy81

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    Carroll and Schneider have a very interesting way of going about their draft.
  4. def. a reach but apparently a bunch of 3-4 teams further down wanted him in the 1st. That's normally always true.
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    After looking a little deeper and watching more game film and combine tape... and listening to how Carroll plans to use him... I can see why he reached for him.

    I think the kid is gonna light crap up.
  6. Dude was a 3-3-5 DE in college

    Best position is as a 3-4 OLB

    will play 4-3 DE in the pros

    sucks for him
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    Kid is certainly lighting it up early on...
  8. bigsexyy81

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    Who called it???
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    well done sir
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  11. bigsexyy81

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    It is a little premature... but if the kid can keep his crap together, he'll be just like Clay Matthews.
  12. K Train

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    similar numbers maybe but they are pretty different types of players. i thought theyd use him in a von miller tpye role but they put him on the edge and let him go.

    horrid against the run though, hence his 5 tackles total. every other layer around or above his number of tackles has between 11-18, he has a very specific role and he thrives in it though
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    He thrives doing exactly what Carroll drafted him to do. He might get better at the other things as the years tick by.
  14. K Train

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    oh i know, they have a very specific role for him. Chase down the guy throwing the ball. Definite room to improve, id still say "reach" but sometimes you gotta reach to get your guy
  15. Walnuts

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    Meh he's no Aldon Smith.