Seahawks TE Zach Miller Played With Torn Plantar Fascia

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    During the Seahawks 30-28 loss to the Falcons in the divisional playoffs last weekend, Seattle tight end Zach Miller had his best game of the season, recording eight catches for 142 yards and a touchdown. In fact, his performance was statistically his best since Week 4 of 2010.

    The most amazing part of his game? As the Seattle Times writes, Miller tore his plantar fascia on the third play of the game, returned to the locker room to get a pain-killing injection in his foot and then helped the Seahawks to a near-amazing comeback.

    The plantar fascia, according to, is the ligament that connects the heel to the toes, supporting the arch of the foot.

    "It was nice to get some balls like that," Miller said after the game. "But I'm disappointed that we didn't win when we were so close. If there is any solace, I don't feel it right now."

    Source: CBSSports
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    That's not inspiring or anything, that is freaking stupid, how the heck can you even run if you can't move your toes that's......inspiring.

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