Seahawks To Wear "Rave" Green Jerseys Vs Bears

Discussion in 'Seattle Seahawks' started by SRW, Sep 26, 2009.

  1. SRW

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    The Seahawks are going green for today's game against Chicago and it has nothing to do with the recycling policies at Qwest Field. This much more literal as Seattle is expected to wear a green alternate jersey for today's home game against the Bears, a potential jersey change that has been rumored since as far back as April. The alternate jersey is a fluorescent "rave" green, which has been part of the team's color scheme, included on the trim of Seattle's uniform since the team made its first significant change to the uniforms since entering the league in 1976, dumping the silver helmets and going to a darker shade of blue.

    Source: Seattle Times
  2. ravenfan52

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    those things are the ugliest damn things i've seen in my life.
  3. SRW

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    They could be worse than those ugly uniforms the Eagles wore against the Rams:


  4. 86WARD

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    They're worse...good god...
  5. hermhater

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    Those poor fans...

    I wish we had more Seahawks fans on the site.

    That would make an awesome sig of shame...

  6. SoDev

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    Worst uniforms in the league. So freaking drab. At least this fugliness has some color shades.


    I never realized how good the old uniform looked until they switched to the new one.

  7. ball in the baskett

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    It was vs the lions
  8. Roy31

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    Seee Julius two stepping in his green shoes... with his green jersey now.
  9. hermhater

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    God those are ugly...
  10. Lord_Joe

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    no! fail!

    i think the eagles yellow-and-blue are worse though.
  11. hermhater

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    That's an argument that I won't involve myself in Joe...

    They are both freaking ugly...
  12. SweetShot03

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    I also think we should invest in an :OWNED: smilie

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    or even a :FACE: smilie
  13. Tarkus

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    I wonder if the Bears will be ready for this...
  14. CaptainStubing

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    what is it with teams in the Northwest and their ugly freaking green uniforms? everytime i see the ducks play, i have trouble watching the game. i wish teams would all just have boring colors like the browns because the weird colors are distracting from the game.
  15. The Sith

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    those jerseys look like vomit.
  16. 86WARD

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    Worse than vomit...I don't understand what the front office is thinking putting those on the field. Awful...
  17. hermhater

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    They hate their fans...
  18. chiefswin19games

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    I'm trippin' balls.
  19. brakos82

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    There are some days that I'm glad I'm partially colorblind... this would be one of them... :icon_eek:
  20. CaptainStubing

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    i was not colorblind so i stabbed my eyeballs with ice picks yesterday while watching the game to ease the pain ....................
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