Seahawks To Wear "Rave" Green Jerseys Vs Bears

Discussion in 'Seattle Seahawks' started by SRW, Sep 26, 2009.

  1. DontKnowMe

    DontKnowMe Anti-Social Networker

    If those jerseys were any brighter they could lay them down on runways to help planes land at night.
  2. wide right

    wide right Grumpy Old Man

    Anyone remember the Orlando Thunder of of WLAF?

  3. Sweets

    Sweets All-Pro

    Not any uglier IMO than the regular Packers unis. < :bolt: from Olly>
  4. brakos82

    brakos82 30% more cats than last year!

    But that's at least a normal green... although they could tone down the yellow on the road.
  5. SoDev

    SoDev Don't tase me, bro!

    This thread cracks me up...

    ..and so does this pic.