Seahawks Upset Over Darnell Dockett Roughing Matt Hasselbeck

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    Seahawks quarterback Matt Hasselbeck got up from the turf in Arizona rubbing his throat after Cardinals defender Darnell Dockett turned the Seahawks quarterback's breathway into an elbow rest in the second quarter of Sunday's game. Twenty-four hours later, that was just one of more than a dozen plays Seahawks coach Jim Mora had a tough time swallowing after Seattle's 31-20 loss to the Cardinals. "I turned in 17 plays to the National Football League officiating office," Mora said, "which is probably three times as many as I have in any game. If they're not going to call it, I don't know. I don't like it when it's our quarterback, but if they're not going to call it, then I'd like to see our guys do it to their quarterback."

    Source: Seattle Times