Seahawks WR Mike Williams Promoted To The Starting Lineup

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  1. Pending moves at the receiver position in Seattle will create reverbations around the NFL. The Seattle Seahawks will cut ties with wide receiver T.J. Houshmandzadeh by trading or releasing him, according to two league sources, and it will promote former Detroit first-round draft pick Mike Williams into its starting lineup for a Sept. 12 game against San Francisco. The 32-year-old Houshmanzadeh caught 79 passes last season and will be a bargain for another team this season. Seattle signed Houshmanzadeh to a five-year, $40 million contract last offseason, and Seattle will wind up having paid him $15 million for his one season with the Seahawks. Williams will start likely opposite Deion Branch, with Deon Butler and Golden Tate as reserves.

    Source: ESPN
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  2. Lets see....Mike Williams wearing #1 and is now a starter....

    This isn't USC Pete.....
  3. mike oxlong

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    and thus begins one of the biggest fails in the nfl in 2010.
  4. Williams hasn't caught a pass in three years....
  5. :titanic:

    That is all...
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    pete carroll already making bad moves and deals. Williams is a first round draft bust he has no speed at all and has a hard time releasing off the line. T.J. is a much better player with skins on the wall.
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    I've got to be honest, I thought Mike Williams was either in the UFL or weighing 300lbs in some road side cafe.

    Then again, I shouldn't be surprised, Pete Carroll has had a real wacky offseason.
  8. The Red

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    Pete Carroll is gonna pull what Steve Spurrier did in Washington and be outta the NFL in like 3 years if not less. Not to hard to be a great coach when you have great athletes coming to your school. It's a little different being in the NFL and having to draft and work with not having the best around you!! Ole Pete won't be an NFL coach for long.
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    Saw him Thursday and he looked ok against 3rd string DBs, bit of a reach to make him a starter ahead of Butler. Still slow but not as fat as he was.
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  11. 86WARD

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    Mike Williams. Comeback Player of the Year! lol...
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    Not too worried about this season,...if we get 6 wins I'll be happy as long as we are in the games and not getting smashed. I will hope for the best and be prepared for the worst.:icon_cool:
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    I wish the guy luck. Ots not to see guys turn it around