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Discussion in 'Dallas Cowboys' started by Omen, Jul 17, 2007.

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    Going way out on a limb, all we are going to hear, at least for the first week of training camp, is how the atmosphere around the team is so much more relaxed - so much more conducive to working productively now that Wade Phillips has taken over for the heavy-handed and dour Bill Parcells. Wonder if that alone can turn a 9-7 team into 12-4? Safety Roy Williams, and yes I know he's been to the Pro Bowl the past four seasons, will have a much improved season, and not just because Phillips' defensive style will allow him to creep closer to the line of scrimmage. Williams will take more responsibility for his play this year, knowing his talk has now eliminated any excuses for malfunctions, saying this defense will more suit his style. Well, then let's see it. Also, seems to me he will become more accountable for his play with veteran safety Ken Hamlin playing next to him. Hamlin appears to be a no-nonsense guy, and he's a veteran, not some rookie from Florida State back there. He's going to have expectations of his Pro Bowl safety-mate. Sometimes peer-pressure is heavier than coach-pressure.

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    so he might get burnt less this year?
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    Im a huge Hamlin fan. He was a ballhawk in the Seahawks secondary.
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    Doubt it. Although he's gonna play closer to the line, so maybe they won't match him up with WRs so often...
    [responding to nasty]
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    Cowboys needed to build up their D.
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    i think he wont be burned s much this year .........
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    I can't see anything claerly when I look towards Dallas...
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    arent ya a texan fan so why the oilers sig
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    I think he's more of a houston fan