SF LB Manny Lawson done for the year!

Discussion in 'San Francisco 49ers' started by yisman, Sep 20, 2007.

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    The 49ers learned today that they have lost outside linebacker Manny Lawson to a season-ending knee injury.

    Lawson, the second of the team's two first-round picks in 2006, was injured in practice Wednesday. The injury was not initially thought to be serious, but team doctors later discovered that Lawson had torn an anterior cruciate ligament, according to team spokesman Aaron Salkin.

    There was no immediate word about who would replace Lawson. Backup Jay Moore was placed on injured reserve after suffering a high ankle sprain in the exhibition finale at San Diego and is out for the season. Hannibal Navies and Parys Haralson could be among the candidates to replace Lawson.

    Lawson was a key figure in the 49ers' decision to switch from a 4-3 defensive alignment to a 3-4 this season.
  2. DoubleC

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  3. BarlOwens

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    WTF....JP all over again.....this freaking BLOWS...

    Brandon Moore should replace him IMO..
  4. Sweets

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    Oh Sweet Jesus...why is it when ever we start on a good road, someone gets hurt and it has to be someone good...:faintthud:

    So again the 3-4 hecks us in the butt.
  5. BarlOwens

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    This means we get to continue to see more and more of Derek Smith...FREAK..FREAK..FREAK..FREAK..FREAK..FREAK..FREAK..FREAK..FREAK..FREAK..FREAK..FREAK..FREAK..FREAK..FREAK..FREAK..FREAK..
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    Damn it! :( Someone has to fill his shoes.
  7. SuperBeast

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    exactly what i was thinking...this blows and blows bigtime!!!

    Moore should get more time...at least he has a good knack at getting in the backfield...I'm not so sure Navies or Haralson can be as good in ANY aspect.
  8. DawkinsINT

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    Oh crap. Tough break.
  9. Omen

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    damn tough loss its sucks bc h was doing pretty good
  10. eaglesrule4ever

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    that really sucks manny is a great player
  11. BarlOwens

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    my quesiton is..a torn ACL in practice DURING the season? wtf were they doing out there?
  12. Platoon 86

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    Oh man..that is hecked up. 3-4 will look rather odd now. And I can't help but wonder the same thing, Barl.
  13. I bleed Sooner red

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    ...... ACL tears can happen when you are running by yourself. It wasn't anything to do with too hard of a practice or anything.

    As for Derek Smith and Moore, this has no impact on them. They are MLB's, while Manny is an OLB. All this means is we will see if Parys can live up to his potential this year.
  14. BarlOwens

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    Moore was an OLB previous years before taking over for smith last year..at least he played there ...Parys has never impressed me..
  15. I bleed Sooner red

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    He was moved to MLB because he can't cover at all. He might play OLB in weakside bltiz situations but nothing more.

    Parys has good potential. Not as fast or big as Manny of course, but he could fill in decently.
  16. BarlOwens

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    he's been here 2 years and hasn't shown jack crap...im not holding my breath on him doing anything worthwhile...
  17. Walnuts

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    Why? Why now? Finally we have a decent defense and we lose a player who looked like he might have been on his way to a breakout season? This is SO hecked. SO hecked. It's not going to make or break the season, but it sure aint gonna help. We are going to need to see some crap from Parys finally in a Haralson/Navies platoon, bring back Rod Green for a pass rush, and pray. I think Parys/Navies would be a decent tandem against the run, but I am unsure about their coverage abilities and passrush. Fingers crossed.
  18. BarlOwens

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    Harylson is soft....
  19. Blu N Houston

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    a subpar o and a banged up D, sorry guys.
  20. BarlOwens

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    im more worried about our offense than Manny being out....