Shaun Alexander Feels He's Only Been Compared To Himself

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    Running back Shaun Alexander was released by the Seahawks in 2007. "Sometimes, unfortunately, I was only compared to myself, you know what I mean?" Alexander said. "So it's like, 'Oh, you're not doing the same thing, we're getting rid of you.' So it's like, 'OK, who are you going to bring in to replace [me]?' " The answer was Julius Jones and T.J. Duckett, and Alexander compares himself to them with those rose-colored glasses that always made Alexander's self-image a little more flowery than reality. So here's what Alexander said next: "I don't even think they had combined the yards I had with a broken hand, a buckled knee, you know?"

    Source: The Seattle Times
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    He got light in the butt as soon as he signed his big contract and everyone already knows he ran hard inside the 20 and tried to dance and run outside anywhere outside of that. Hell he wouldn't take a hit and would lay down like a scared dog if anyone even got close to him. Yes he had great yards at one point in his career running behind maybe the best front line in the game but give me a break. If he is so great then who is he playing for now?
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    What a heckin' joke. The situations are nowhere close to the same. He had a healthy Hasselbeck and passing game combined with the best left side of an offensive line in football at the time.

    I'm glad this rod is struggling to get carries now. Exposed.
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    I would compare him to a wet napkin
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    does he want to be compared to Adrian Peterson? lol