Should Redskins Go After Cowboys WR Miles Austin?

Discussion in 'Washington Redskins' started by Sweets, Mar 2, 2010.

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    The Dallas Cowboys have made it clear that they have no intentions of losing wide receiver Miles Austin but whether or not they succeed in this mission is entirely up to them. With just three days until the start of free agency, the team has yet to reach an agreement with the restricted free agent wideout on a long-term deal, in addition, Cowboys owner Jerry Jones said that the organization will not place the franchise tag on Austin this offseason. Doing so would require the team to pay Austin a one-year salary of $9.521 million ,the expected course of action for the Dallas front office will be to place the highest restricted free agent tender possible on Austin, giving him a $3.168 million salary in 2010, enter Redskins owner and NFC East rival Daniel Snyder, we all know Snyder isn’t shy about spending cash, in addition, the Redskins have a pressing need at wide receiver.

    Source: NFP
  2. PCinOz

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    one of the most idiotic articles I've ever seen written by a journalist.

    We would part with our #4 and #37 to get a WR just to tick off Jerry Jones?

    When Marshall and Boldin are sitting out there available for far less?
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    I'd laugh my butt off if it happend!
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    Well it won't.

  5. Omen

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    why would you lose your 4th and 37th................he isnt franchised ..........or am i missing something
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    You're not missing anything O...
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    This is the most stupid thing i have ever heard in my life! This is almost as bad as the Roy Williams deal! Its never gonna happen
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    We are going to place the first round tender on him...which would give us a 1st and 3rd round pick in return.

    It would be their 4th overall and 3rd round pick...not their 37th...

    We also haven't placed the tender yet...we have until Thursday to do so...
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    disregard i was think of franchise tag right now..............but i do believe he might get tendered
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    Leave it to little Danny Snyder to pay for players instead of building a team from within.