Southern California OT Tyron Smith To Visit 10 NFL Teams In Two Weeks

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  1. USC blue-chip offensive tackle Tyron Smith is scheduled to visit the Washington Redskins, Dallas Cowboys, Minnesota Vikings, Kansas City Chiefs, Cleveland Browns and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers according to league sources with knowledge of the situation. That's six of his 10 visits over the next few weeks. The 20-year-old didn't work out at the NFL scouting combine other than bench pressing 225 pounds 29 times as he was still recovering from lateral meniscus surgery. The All-Pac 10 Conference selection won the Morris Trophy as the top blocker in the league last season. The 6-foot-5, 315-pounder is projected to go as high as the top 10 selections and is expected to run anywhere from the 4.8 range to a high 4.9 at his workout.

    Source: National Football Post
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  2. Beast.......

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  3. mike oxlong

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    Visiting the Cowboys, cross him off JJ's list.
  4. Smith's Pro Day is today.

    He could be a Top 10 lock with a good workout.
  5. mike oxlong

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    and if drafted in the top ten, cement his bust status
  6. With the high success rate of OT's going in the Top 10 in the past 10 years.....I would take my chances on Smith.

    In the past decade.....only two offensive tackles that went in the Top 10 didn't live up to their draft expectations: Mike Williams (2002) and Robert Gallery (2004).

    But only Williams was a colossal bust. Gallery didn't pan out at tackle but played at a Pro Bowl level at OG.
  7. Omen

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    What about Lenard Davis .....many think he hasn't payed to his capacity
  8. Davis was a three time Pro Bowler at OG but since he panned out at guard and was drafted as a OT by Arizona.....he should be included because he didn't quite have the same success as a tackle.

    That's usually the worst case for offensive tackles......moving them inside when their flaws are exposed at tackle.

    Gallery had short arms (about 32 inches) which caused him to have trouble handling speed rushers off the edge. That made him play smaller than his 6'7, 325 pound frame. He allowed over 20 sacks in his three years as a tackle.

    But Mike Williams remains the only Top 10 OT in the last 10 years that was a complete failure. He was Davis' successor at the University of Texas and got beat out by Jason Peters in Buffalo.

    The success rate is still pretty good though.

    I don't see Smith having those same problems. He's athletic and still growing into his body. He has shown he can carry the necessary weight without sacrificing any speed or quickness.

    He has tremendously long arms and put up a pretty good amount of bench reps despite his arm length. He doesn't have much experience as a left tackle but could start immediately at RT and move to LT in 2012.
  9. mike oxlong

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    Andre Smith will bust for where he's picked and there a couple where the jury is still out on. All signs point to Smith taking time to play LT and that may or may not pan out. Too risky for top 10.
  10. Andre Smith is a year away from being on that list.

    I avoided putting any questionable Top 10 OT's that played less than three seasons. But Smith may surpass Mike Williams as the biggest bust at the position in the past decade.

    Levi Brown of the Cardinals has been so-so. Not a boom but not necessarily a bust either. He just avoided making the list.
  11. mike oxlong

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    and there really hasn't been as many as you would think taken total in 10 years. I really think the numbers don't support or disprove your theory, the T's that clearly haven't been busts were extremely more talented and more pro ready than Smith. In fact, you could make comparisons with Smith to some of the questionable ones and that isn't in my eyes worth a top ten pick.
  12. Omen

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    Just video of his proday dude stout ...nfln people were gushing about him and how he is rwadsy to play and okay LT at that
  13. Paintballer8791

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    I don't get where you can say Mike Williams was a bigger bust that gallery, Williams was a serviceable tackle especially at right tackle and when he moved to guard he was a pretty good starter for the redskins, gallery was always mediocre to decent at best at any position
  14. Williams lost his job to Jason Peters and failed to transition to OG in Buffalo. They eventually tried him out at DT in goal-line situations. Williams was then out of the league for two years after being released from the Jaguars in 2006 before resurfacing with the Redskins in 2009. He came back at around 410 pounds. He was serviceable with the Redskins and made 8 starts. But he missed the entire 2010 season with blood clots in his chest. He is considered one of the biggest draft busts in the past 10 years.

    Gallery remained with the team that drafted him and became a Pro Bowl caliber OG after faltering at OT. Gallery is expected to garner plenty of interest in FA.
  15. K Train

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    id put jason and andre smith in that category least andre can probably be a monster guard
  16. Jason has played three years but started two full seasons in the league.

    I avoided putting him on the list now but considering he was the No. 2 pick in the draft in 2008 and is a RT for the Rams since Roger Saffold gave them a better blindside blocker for Sam Bradford, you can use that as an argument to put Smith on the list now.

    Smith can have a nice long career as a right tackle or could leave after his contract runs up and go to a team that'll give him a chance to be a LT again. But you don't draft a RT only at the No. 2 spot.

    Andre Smith imo was just a slob and had no business being a Top 5 pick. Him leaving the combine without permission still bothers me the most about him. I only left him off because it's best to judge and evaluate a prospect after three full seasons.
  17. K Train

    K Train Do You Honeycutt?

    jason smith was terrible as a rookie and not only had to move to RT regardless (where hes still pretty bad) but saffold stepped in day one and played like a pro. Jason smith was looked at as being an incredible athlete for the position, which he is. he was called a crushing run blocker (despite playing in a 2 point stance for baylor and hardly run blocking) and has just sucked so far despite making like 40+ million dollars in his deal. #2 overall you should contribute right away, if not right away you should be on a fast learning excuses. bust til further notice to me

    andre should have always been a guard...he looked like a man child LT at bama but he clearly put on too much weight for that to carry over