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  1. MadGreenHatter

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    Rodgers vs Dal or Brady vs Wsh

    I need 1 RB and a FLEX out of the following:

    Duke Johnson vs ATL
    C. Thompson vs NE
    J. Samuel's vs Bal
    A. Mattison vs Nyg
    Agholor vs Nyj
    Sutton vs Lac
  2. Kurt

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    Im starting Brady - if Adams was full health I may consider him but Rodgers has been struggling so....

    C. Thompson vs NE - coin flip between him and Sutton -
    J. Samuel's vs Bal - if Conner is out I'd start Samuel - otherwise go Sutton

    A. Mattison vs Nyg --- when will you ever start this guy? I feel like its a trick question every week lol
    Agholor vs Nyj --- with Tate and AJ back this guy isn't a consideration for consistent play - he is now becomes a trick question lol
    Sutton vs Lac --- I like the matchup but its a run first team and prefer a RB here - however if Conner starts its a coin flip between Sutton and Thompson
    Duke Johnson vs ATL ---