Steelers DE Brett Keisel Says Pittsburgh Plans On Winning The AFC North

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    Ben Roethlisberger's recent surgery only reinforced the conventional wisdom surrounding the Pittsburgh Steelers these days: It's looking like a season with low expectations.

    The Baltimore Ravens are the defending Super Bowl champions. The Cincinnati Bengals perhaps are the AFC's trendiest team.

    The Steelers are aware of what the outside world is saying, but their expectations haven't changed. Defensive lineman Brett Keisel believes the team can get back to the Super Bowl.

    "People can say and believe what they want to believe," Keisel told Ed Bouchette of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette on Monday. "But in this locker room, we feel we have the team and the talent to get back and our first goal is to get back and win our division. Good things have happened around here when we won our division ... that's our mentality."

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    Show me a guy who doesn't plan on winning their division then you have a story.
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    /thread lol
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    DaBeard! Cortland Finnegan says
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    AFC North still the strongest in the NFL?
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    ^This. You know its summer when something like this is a story.

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