Steelers LB James Harrison, FS Troy Polamalu Return To Practice

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    The starting defense the Steelers thought they were getting when the season opened finally practiced together on Monday.

    There's still no telling if the same 11 guys will suit up on Sunday against Philadelphia.

    Injured stars James Harrison and Troy Polamalu were on the field as the Steelers (1-2) returned from their bye week. While Harrison remained vague about the chances his surgically repaired left knee will be ready to play for the first time this season, Polamalu is optimistic his strained right calf is no longer an issue.

    The perennial Pro Bowl safety says he felt ''pretty good'' and was grateful to see a slew of familiar faces on the practice field, Harrison's included.

    ''We'll see what happens, but it's been a while since we've all been on the field together,'' Polamalu said. ''There are some other new faces out there who have been permanent starters, so it's all about how well 11 guys mesh on our defense.''

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    Harrison isn't playing...I'm not expecting much of anything out of him this season.
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    No Polamalu would be a nice bonus. Seeing as we won't have Dawkins.

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