Steelers WR Emmanuel Sanders Looking To Cash In

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    Emmanuel Sanders lined up in Mike Wallace's old spot during the first week of offseason team practices. Barring an injury, the wide receiver will line up there as the starter in the Sept. 8 opener against Tennessee.

    And if Sanders can produce the way Wallace did, he can cash in during unrestricted free agency next year just as Wallace did in March when he signed a five-year, $60 million contract with the Miami Dolphins.

    It is unlikely Sanders will command that kind of money, but receivers have become some of the most coveted players for NFL teams in free agency and the draft as coaches continue to utilize their franchise quarterbacks and take advantage of the pass-friendly rules the league has implemented over the years.

    Sanders has never been a starter in the NFL and has battled injuries that have prevented him from posting gaudy statistics, but he was sought by New England last month in restricted free agency.

    Source: Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

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