Stephen Jones Says Cowboys Team Health Key For ‘Significant Improvement’ In 2013

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    A healthier team, particularly on defense, could easily be the biggest contributing factor towards a better record in 2012.

    Dallas Cowboys vice president Stephen Jones concurs and told the Elf & Slater Show on 105.3 The Fan [KRLD-FM] that he believes if the team can stay healthy, it can show "significant improvements" on the 8-8 record the team has had in each of the last two seasons.

    "I’ve said from the beginning, the best way we can improve upon our football team from last year is keep guys healthy. That had to be one of our toughest years in terms of the number of injuries, especially to really good football players. If we can really do a better job there then I like our chances of making some significant improvements on 8-8."

    It looks like all the players who ended the season on IR are recovering according to plan, and the Cowboys appear to have some ideas about how to avoid a repeat of last season's injury woes:

    “They’re all making big progress,†Stephen Jones said. “I think they’re all going to be ready here to really start getting involved in our offseason program. There’s no concern whatsoever that all these guys won’t be ready to go for training camp. We’re very optimistic about that. We’ve got our eyes on not only getting them healthy, but keeping them healthy. We’ve got some good ideas on that.â€

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