Stephen Ross Says Dolphins Would Have Released WR Brandon Marshall

Discussion in 'Miami Dolphins' started by SRW, Mar 24, 2012.

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    According to Izzy Gould of the Sun Sentinel, had the Bears not traded for wide receiver Brandon Marshall, the Miami Dolphins would have cut him outright. The article states that Dolphins' owner Steve Ross contacted Jason Lawrence, a season ticket holder for more than 20 years, to explain what was going on with the franchise. Lawrence said he asked about the decision to trade leading wide receiver Marshall to Chicago for two third-round draft picks. Twice, Lawrence said, Ross would not say if the Dolphins were rebuilding. He told Lawrence moving Marshall was not about money, but more about protecting team morale. "[Ross] said they had been shopping [Marhsall] for a couple weeks," Lawrence said. "Nobody would return their phone calls about getting him. If Chicago didn't take [Marshall] … they would have ended up cutting him very shortly after that, and got nothing."


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