Stupid s**t Heard On ESPN

Discussion in 'NFL Smack Central' started by Saintsfan1972, May 2, 2012.

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    ANYTHING Tim Hasselbeck says is freaking stoopid.
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    Ha that's awesome. Keep those flirty hos in check, Steve!

    Side note: read this elsewhere and it made me LOL.

    "SportsCenter continues, live!" added Sage Steele, whom I'd nail so hard, whoever could pull me out would be named King of England
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    Maybe the funniest line youve ever said bs81
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    I think what Wilbon was trying to say is, Junior killed himself because he may have mental problems from the concussions he suffered as an NFL player. Everybody is whining about how the Saints suspensions are to harsh, there is a reason why they are harsh, peoples lifes are on the line.
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    As bbf said above..
    Seau's depression/suicide is likely due to or at least partially related to brain injury. The nfl has a host of ex players suing them for not doing enough to protect them so they HAVE to appear tough on player safety. Thus the exorbitant length of suspensions for pay for knocking people out of games. I don't agree with it. Just stating how it is.
    As said in other threads, I think Seau picked the chest instead of the head for a reason.
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    Why do people like watching first take with Skip Bayless and Stephen A Smith? Possibly the 2 most unlikeable, loud, obnoxious douchebags on TV and they put them on the same screen? No freaking thank you.
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    Agree Steve. No thanks!
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    they always get me at "welcome to sportscenter"
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    same reason people used to love/hate howard stern.....want to see what ridiculousness they'll say next
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    Bayless and his "free Tebow" shirts are a good example.
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    watched Meet the Press today hoping for a Saints bounty free morning but it came up on that show. Guess the Saints are responsible for Dave D. committing suicide also. There were concussions and bounties long before this crap happened. And there will be concussions afterwards. Maybe some bounties also but it will be one on one bets.

    6:48 mark [ame=""]Meet the Press[/ame]
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    please hurry up and sign....

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    Wonder what Mr. Yasinskas has to say now.
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    ESPN. lol. I remember when Sportscenter actually seemed edgy and funny....about 20 years ago or so when Dan Patrick and Keith Olbermann were still working there. I didn't have cable as a kid so when I got on campus at Indiana University in 1994 I was pretty well entertained by Sportscenter at that time. But my god it went downhill quick.
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    [MENTION=1100]URL54MVP[/MENTION] - Could not agree more...
  19. It seems to me it's gotten worse in the last 5 years, especially.
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    The whole entity of ESPN has gotten worse IMO...much worse. I rarely will watch the channel any longer. An NFL game is pretty much the only thing I will tolerate on the channel.