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  1. Crowned

    Crowned Doesn't give a shit.

    HHH can't help but be in the spotlight. freaking ego, the Raw opening theme might as well be changed to his entrance music because he's going to be the first one coming out every Monday.
  2. MadMoxxiFavGun

    MadMoxxiFavGun Going Crazy

    Am I the only that is likin hhh
  3. ragman

    ragman Pro Bowler Fantasy Guru

    I don't hate Triple H. I just think he owes a lot of his success to the fact that he is a McMahon-in-law.
  4. Chipper10

    Chipper10 Back 2 Back! Roll Tide Roll!

    Yeah. I cannot stand how Triple H got in the spotlight to begin with. IDK that I'll start watching RAW again.
  5. Mike

    Mike Want some Cheetos?

    i might actually order the PPV. The Cena/Punk tension is the best thing weve seen in wrestling since the intro to DX

    But I hate HHHs involvement in every way, shape, and form
  6. andy82

    andy82 Your Soul, It's Mine!

    Well he was already a multi time champion before he got with Steph, but yeah, he well and truly hogged the whole spotlight during the infamous original reign of terror of 2002-2004, where Trips would routinely bury anyone he feuded and started every show with a rambling 30 min promo.

    The problem with Trips, as suggested by a few, is that he's obsessed about his legacy, which could attribute to the fact that he rarely puts guys over, and when he does he can never look bad out of it. Problem is, I don't feel he's ever truly connected with the fans like the true icons have over the years (Hogans, Flairs, Rocks etc.) which is why you never hear anyone put him amongst the very best, despite his impressive resume.

    Doesn't help that he's a crapty face also, considering it's basically the same as his heel persona only acting like an butthole to heels instead.
  7. PSID412USM

    PSID412USM Pro Bowler

    Kind of feel WWE paniced and said we got to stick HHH in the match. Personally I'm more worried about Johnny Ace being used going forward cause if that the guy who looking to hire people then it's not a shock they had no one come along with anything interesting.
  8. MadMoxxiFavGun

    MadMoxxiFavGun Going Crazy

    hhh is the only reason i might start watching again. i fell out when stone cold left :icon_twisted:
  9. andy82

    andy82 Your Soul, It's Mine!

    Johnny Ace has been in charge of hiring/firing for years now, and his ineptitude in the job has made him one of the most widely disliked men in the business. Johnny's just on TV to act as Triple H's lackey and to take all his bumps.

    And yeah, Triple H as Guest Ref is specifically designed for a screwjob of some form, with the most common suspected finish is CM Punk turning corporate (:icon_rolleyes:)
  10. Mike S.

    Mike S. GIF Hall Of Fame Class Of 2007 Staff Member

    Updated Card:

    Champion vs. Champion - CM Punk vs. John Cena to determine the undisputed WWE Champion - Special referee: Triple H

    No Holds Barred match for the World Heavyweight Championship: Christian [c] vs Randy Orton

    Kelly Kelly [c] vs Beth Phoenix for the WWE Divas Championship

    Sheamus vs Mark Henry

    Wade Barrett vs Daniel Bryan
  11. dublin mike

    dublin mike Unfortunate Georgia Sports Fan

    God I hate Orton almost as much as Cena
  12. Crowned

    Crowned Doesn't give a shit.

    Did the Luke kid from tough enough also end up getting a contract behind the scenes? I've always been wondering that. i thought he was way better than big andy and is the perfect butthole heel.
  13. Crowned

    Crowned Doesn't give a shit.

    Kevin Nash like a boss!
  14. dublin mike

    dublin mike Unfortunate Georgia Sports Fan

    Are you kidding me? Alberto Del freaking Rio????? Jesus. Didn't see the Nash swerve coming, but the second he laid out Punk, you knew Del Rio was coming out.
  15. Diesel Power......
  16. andy82

    andy82 Your Soul, It's Mine!

    I'll admit at first I felt ADR was a real good addition to the roster, but his gimmick hasn't evolved from his debut vignettes. Add in the fact that the guy has absolutely no heat and this makes for yet another questionable champion. But obviously with Punk and Cena detached from the title, I'm sure the championship drops down a notch until it's over with.
  17. Mike S.

    Mike S. GIF Hall Of Fame Class Of 2007 Staff Member

    i was shocked with nash, but ADR winning the belt makes sense, because they are have a tour of Mexico soon.


    Dark Match: Dolph Ziggler d. Alex Riley

    Kofi Kingston, Rey Mysterio & John Morrison defeated Alberto Del Rio, R-Truth & The Miz

    Mark Henry defeated Sheamus by countout

    Kelly Kelly (c) defeated Beth Phoenix to retain the WWE Divas Championship

    Wade Barrett d. Daniel Bryan

    Randy Orton d. Christian (c) in a No Holds Barred match to win the World Heavyweight Championship

    CM Punk (c) defeated John Cena (c) to become the Undisputed WWE Champion

    Alberto Del Rio defeated CM Punk (c) to become the Undisputed WWE Champion
  18. 86WARD

    86WARD -

    That Miz guy is falling way down the ladder...huh?
  19. DaBearsrule4ever

    DaBearsrule4ever Hall Of Famer

    Even before Nash laid out Punk, I was just sitting there waiting for Alberto Del Rio to come out and cash in his money in the bank contract. I'd be a liar if I said I didn't see that coming if Punk beat Cena. Seeing Cena had his foot on the rope, i'm thinking the WWE Title is going to be defended in a triple threat match at Night Of Champions with Alberto Del Rio defending against both CM Punk and John Cena.

    A buddy of mine also brought this up after Summerslam last night. Could Kevin Nash possibly be a bodyguard for Del Rio?
  20. dublin mike

    dublin mike Unfortunate Georgia Sports Fan

    It's gonna be the old swerve of Triple H supposedly not knowing what's going on, but a couple of weeks from now, it'll come to light that Hunter actually planned it all to start with.