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    CB Tarell Brown signs four-year deal

    Cornerback Tarell Brown, a fifth-round pick from Texas, signed a four-year contract today with the 49ers. He is the third of the 49ers' nine draft picks to sign a contract. Linebacker Jay Moore and defensive tackle Joe Cohen signed four-year deals last week.

    Source: Matt Maiocco, Santa Rosa Press Democrat

    49ers best possibility for a late-round steal this year, IMO...he's easily 2nd round talent, but with character issues.
  2. Roy31

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    I think you guys will like Brown. It really wouldnt suprise me if he turns into a good everyday cornerback for the Niners. Have Clements and Brown on the outside and Spencer as the nickel back that would make the most sense to me, definately not like that immediately but at some point down the road.
  3. Platoon 86

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    I heard from somewhere he has minor character issues? I hope he turns out well, he definitley has talent.
  4. Roy31

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    Yeah he got caught with a gun and some marijuana in his car trunk lol, he was hanging around with some former Longhorns teammates. Thats where the 'Character' issues come from lol. The gun wasnt his though...
  5. Platoon 86

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    Ahh crap. lol.

    I hope he doesn't pull any of that crap with us. I've seen him in college and highlites. He could be good.
  6. Roy31

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    Yeah I think sf49ers.com sums up his college career numbers quite well lol.

    CAREER: Registered 122 of his career 169 tackles and 16 of his 20 pass deflections during the last two seasons at the University of Texas.


    • Started eleven games at weak-side cornerback.
    • Finished seventh on the team with 53 tackles (38 solos), including one for a 1-yard loss.
    • Caused a fumble and deflected eight passes.
    • Did not allow any touchdown catches and his main pass coverage assignments had just three catches for over 20 yards (long of 23 vs. both Nebraska and Texas Tech).
    • Brown’s opponents managed just 29 receptions for 348 yards (12.0 yards per completion) on 70 passes thrown into his area (4.97 yards allowed per pass attempt).

    • Started twelve of thirteen games at right cornerback, registering 69 tackles (39 solos) with two stops for losses of 3 yards.
    • Caused and recovered a fumble.
    • Deflected eight passes and intercepted another for an 11-yard return…Gained 108 yards on five kickoff returns (21.6 avg).
    • Was a major reason the team ranked tenth nationally in total defense (302.9 ypg), eighth in scoring defense (16.4 ppg), fourth in pass efficiency defense (96.7) and eighth in passing defense (172.0 ypg).

    • Started all twelve games at right cornerback, where he was part of a unit that allowed just 320.1 yards per game (23rd NCAA) and 17.9 points per game (18th NCAA).
    • Recorded 38 tackles (32 solos) with a 5-yard sack and five stops for losses of 16 yards.
    • Intercepted two passes for 31 yards in returns, adding 98 yards on six kickoff returns (16.3 avg). Also had three pass deflections.

    • Played in all thirteen games as a reserve right cornerback, earning UT's Outstanding Defensive Newcomer Award.
    • Recorded nine tackles (8 solos) and one pass break-up.
    • Had a pass deflection vs. New Mexico State and made a season-high three tackles vs. Iowa State.
  7. 49er Ninja

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    yeah not immediately, clements and walt harris will make the 2 starting CB's..
  8. Platoon 86

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    Those are some good stats. Yeah as long as he doesn't heck up too bad off the field and get suspended and he plays well for us. Crap, I'd be happy with Brown then.
  9. Walnuts

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    Yeah I'm thinking the same thing, hopefully we get another good season, maybe two out of Walt Harris, and hopefully by that point Brown will be ready to step in as at LEAST the 3rd corner if not more. Spencer's not half bad either, he played hurt most of last season, but when he's healthy he's a legit #2. It's just nice to finally have some quality depth at corner (hell, at most positions).

    He got caught TWICE with weed, charges dropped both times. Once his friend copped to it (and he passed a drug test), and once charges were dropped after he passed a drug test.


    The gun was his, and it was legally registered to him, so charges were subsequently dropped there...I read an article on that around draft time but now I can't find it.

    Mike Nolan is and has been all about high-character guys since he was hired, even before Goodell started cracking down, so if he is confident that Brown won't be a distraction or get in trouble, I'm ok with it. Everyone makes mistakes, and I'm thinking being in SF, surrounded by the coaches and players Nolan has put together, will have a positive influence on Brown.
  10. Roy31

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    Well it could be worse, he could have been caught with Heroin or Cocaine lol. I must've missed the other time lol. Thats right the Gun was his, he was thuggin with Harris lol. Screw that guy used to be a solid Inside Linebacker for us.

    I wouldnt really worry about Brown though. Hes definately a Low Risk - High Reward type player, and I only say low risk because you guys drafted him with a 2nd day pick.
  11. Zach49ers

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    with coach nolan by our side.......
  12. Tracker

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    Talk about two great guys to learn from. [smilie=THUMB03.gif]
  13. DoubleC

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    Just for weed, I won't worry about that. It's not like a real drug, anyway.
  14. Digitool

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    a drug is a drug though, and he had possession, thats what they all look at... granted a lil weed isnt going to heck you up like poppin pills or snortin cocain, but you know, the nfl will just keep an eye on that kinda crap cus regardless by law its illegal
  15. DoubleC

    DoubleC i'm ready now...

    You're right. I was not making apology for weed. It's just that I'm not worried about character issues because of weed possession.
    If there had been a DUI case, that wouldn't be the same thing...
  16. Roy31

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    Still waiting on that 'Badass' image... lol
  17. RaiderHater

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    One of my co-workers was raving about this guy when we picked him because Brown is from the same town as him. He followed him from high school and Texas and said that this guy is the real deal. He just was hanging out with the wrong crowd. Hopefully this hecker pans out..
  18. BarlOwens

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    A drug is something that is MANUFACTURED....you'll run into more problems with the crap your prescribed by your own doctor....a bunch of chemicals unnaturally bound together...don't mind the side effects they cause you, those are just natural [smilie=LAUGHY20.gi:
  19. AB83Rules

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    Awesome news, glad to see 3 of 9 picks signed already, great Job Nolan and McCloughan.
  20. SuperBeast

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    I bet he ends up beating out Spencer for some solid time at Nickle.