Team Defenses On The Rise

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  1. I cannot stress enough just how important a good defense/special teams can be in your quest to a league championship. Anyone can sit back and tell you that the Seahawks or the 49ers defense will be great, but unless you’re willing to draft one of those two teams relatively early, you might accidently wind up with a steady rotation of “waiver wire” defenses. This is not always a bad thing, if the match-ups happen to swing your way, but your odds of that happening are slim. The thing to remember is it all starts with the front seven. If a team has a strong front […]

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  2. Buck Fenson

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    where are the Saints? You can hate all you want but that defense will contend for the number one defense this season. Finished 4th and only got stronger. Some of the defenses listed are a joke.
  3. Buck Fenson

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    no Saints. as usual. the defense finished 4th last year and only got stronger. jeezzzz. slow time of year.
  4. I didn't include the Saints in this article for the exact reason you said. They were ranked 4th last season, therefore they're not "on the rise". I do believe their defense will be a force again this season, especially with the addition of Byrd. I am also a huge fan of Stanley Jean- Baptist. As for my other article not including Cooks, I believe he could easily be the offensive ROY, I just don't think he's a "sleeper" pick. So it's not that I hate the Saints, I just don't think they'll surprise anyone by dominating the NFC South again. Thanks for reading
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  5. Buck Fenson

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    sounds good.
  6. Diesel44

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    as bad as washington's D was last year,i really hope they are greatly improved!
  7. Personally, I like the Texans alot more than most this year.
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  8. Buck Fenson

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    me too. But I don't think the reason will be Clowney. I think the defense as a whole will be healthy and will play up to potential.
  9. DaBearsrule4ever

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    It feels weird and good at the sametime seeing the Bears defense in that article. If the Bears defense is ranked around the middle of the pack, they will be fine. I don't think it can get any worse than last year for that defense.

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