Texans RB Arian Foster Says NFL Players Cheat

Discussion in 'Houston Texans' started by Sweets, Feb 5, 2013.

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    Arian Foster has been around NFL players who've "cheated", the Houston Texans running back told ESPN Radio's Colin Cowherd last week.

    When Cowherd asked Foster if players in the league cheat, Foster responded, "Yeah, yeah," according to the Houston Chronicle. "To me, if you are taking steroids and things like that, to me, it's a quick fix to a long-term solution, so it's going to lead to more problems.

    "Steroids make you stiff," Foster continued. "Steroids do things to your body that are (not) conducive to your health. So, if you want me to be strong for the season, yeah, maybe that works and maybe it doesn't. For the long haul, I think it'll hurt your body more than anything."

    Foster didn't name names, but said he saw steriod usage while at the University of Tennessee.

    "I've seen and been around guys who juice," Foster said. "I've seen all kinds of things. If you can't get motivated, you can't get motivated."

    Foster is a known health nut that was once on a vegan diet. His strong opinion is no surprise. Still, it's not a surprise that guys cheat. In an industry where millions are at stake, players continuely look for an edge despite the consequences.

    "I have always been a firm believer of anything that I need can come from the ground," Foster said. "Anything else, I never felt the need. In college, a lot of people took creatine. That was a big thing in college. I never took creatine. I never took muscle shakes or none of that.

    "I've always been a firm believer of hard work and doing things the way I have always done it."

    Source: NFL.com
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    arian foster is on a team with brian cushing and has seen people juice ?

  3. codatious99

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    the whole league is full of players that will take anything to get on the field and make that money

    heres my list of players that in the next ten years will have there 15 mins of fame ala ten freaking weeks of crapty espn coverage for taking peds

    no one will care if back up special teamer does an interview with oprah
    big name franchise players cheat too

    my always growing ped conspiracy list

    emmit smith
    bret favre
    peyton manning
    adrian peterson

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