Texans RB Chris Henry Accuses Saints Of Hair-Pulling

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    The Texans and the defending Super Bowl champion Saints went through a relatively low-key uneventful pair of practices on Wednesday in preparation for Saturday's game at the Louisiana Superdome. But on Thursday, the one practice between the teams was a little higher in intensity. "Well, it's the third practice,' Texans coach Gary Kubiak said. "So you're expecting that. Guys start to wear on each other a little bit, but I thought it was some real good work." Running back Chris Henry was in the middle of some of the extracurriculars, one reason being the Saints pulled his hair on several occasions. "There's not enough of it for it to all come out," Henry said. Henry said the intensity came about naturally. "We were just out there running and the intensity picks up as you get closer and closer to game time," Henry said. "Guys start itching and the backs and the offensive line, we're trying to make it just like game time."

    Source: NFL Fanhouse
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    Lol. Not to mention..its hot as hell..
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    Jay Glazer @ FoxSports tweets that Henry's charge of hair pulling is substantiated by the discovery of an official behind-the scenes Saints training video:

    YouTube - Slaps Smacks & Pokes
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