That other team from New Orleans had a rough week too

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    DJ Arthritic Semitic woke up at the Waldo Compound on an unusually brisk, Florida morning. Before the mayor, his gracious host, could greet him with a morning cup of coffee, DJ rubbed the sleep from his eyes, reached for his glasses and then his cellphone to check the important news of the day.

    He had been traveling by car from New Orleans and by his very nature liked to be kept in the loop, a loop he so very often determined.

    That’s when he read the news today. Oh, boy.

    He knew the day was coming that Anthony Davis, superstar center of his beloved New Orleans Pelicans, would be demanding a trade. It was only matter of time. Davis’ initial contract would soon be coming to an end. Rather than let him run off into free agency, New Orleans would be forced to find at least some value in return for the departing star.

    DJ knew the day was near. He just didn’t know it would be the day he woke up on a farm in Waldo, Florida. It was to be an odd few days indeed.

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    I've lost almost all interest in the NBA in the past decade. Now that players get together to form super teams, it's not interesting anymore.

    That, and the Knicks sucking for two full decades now...
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    I'm still and will always be an NBA homer but rest assured, you're not alone in that sentiment.
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