The 2018 offseason thread

Discussion in 'NFL General Discussion' started by TJ, Mar 8, 2018.

  1. TJ

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    DeMarco Murray just announced his retirement after 7 seasons.

    Hey...remember that time when we had to choose between him and Dez and the decision seemed obvious? Both are gone now, only Dez left behind a 9 million dollar hole in our salary cap...
  2. smeags

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    TO being on the "hall of fame" edition of madden 19 is some awesomeness.
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  3. SportsChump

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    Very nice. Didn't see that.
  4. TJ

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    I got the standard edition, with Antonio Brown in the cover. I mostly play head-to-head online and Franchise mode. Don't care for that ultimate team crap.

    I almost didn't get it this year. Madden 17 and 18 are essentially the same game and I promised not to fall for that again. After reading some reviews and watching some videos, they really tried harder this year. It feels more fluid and realistic, and the team-building in Franchise mode got a complete revamp. So far, so good. The soundtrack still sucks, though. I play with my spotify list.
  5. smeags

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    he looks great in Cowboys colors.
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  6. TJ

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    Usually the learning curve in a new Madden is complicated...but I really think this is a beta game, nobody tested it, and it's broken.

    I can't run the ball, middle linebackers make impossible interceptions...I even swallowed my pride and downgraded to all-pro difficulty...and I still can't do anything.

    Franchise mode is better in a team-building point of view, but now everybody gets injured all the time. My whole offensive line plus two backups were done for the season after week 5. I simulated a few seasons...draft class edition is pretty the game doesn't spell to you when a prospect is a bust...that part is pretty good. I just wish they'd polish the gameplay because I became really frustrated pretty fast.

    Ohh...the soundtrack sucks ass...