The Donovan McNabb Rule Book Quiz

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    Donovan McNabb Rule Book Quiz

    By Bob Ford

    The Philadelphia Inquirer (MCT)

    Tuesday, November 18, 2008

    PHILADELPHIA The Donovan McNabb NFL Rule Book Quiz:

    1. During the regular season in the NFL, the first overtime period, if neither team scores, is followed by:

    a) more overtime periods until the winner of the game is decided.

    b) a game of rock, paper, scissors between the two head coaches.

    c) a Mariah Carey concert.

    d) a news conference during which the reporters stare at you with their mouths open for some reason.

    2. In the event of a regular-season tie, the two teams:

    a) are essentially credited with a half-win and a half-loss in the standings.

    b) are forced to have an 18-hole playoff the following day.

    c) exchange middle fives after the game.

    d) are relegated to the second division.

    3. For the NFL playoffs and the Super Bowl:

    a) play continues in successive overtime periods until there is a sudden-death winner.

    b) play is halted after the first overtime period and a tie is declared.

    c) the outcome is decided based on total yardage gained after the first overtime period.

    d) the Eagles are watching on plasma TV.

    4. How many roster players are eligible to dress for a regular-season game?

    a) 46

    b) 53

    c) 65

    d) Everyone except Lorenzo Booker.

    5. When the referee crosses his arms like Mr. Clean, that means:

    a) offside

    b) ineligible receiver downfield

    c) illegal motion

    d) Andy and Marty had a little trouble getting that darn play call into the headset in time again.

    6. If the Eagles need 4 yards for a first down and run the ball twice, once for 1 yard and once for 3 yards:

    a) they have earned the first down.

    b) there will be a measurement.

    c) they are still short of the first down.

    d) there must be a new head coach calling plays.

    7. A legal end-zone celebration after the quarterback scrambles for a touchdown is:

    a) a Michael Jackson moonwalk.

    b) a Chuck Berry duckwalk.

    c) a Steve Martin Egyptian walk.

    d) quarterbacks can scramble?

    8. On Tuesdays, after a big win over a good opponent:

    a) players have the day off.

    b) coaches watch the film over and over, giggling.

    c) Joe Banner calls the newspapers and Comcast to complain there wasnt enough coverage.

    d) Sorry, cant remember.

    9. When a pass is attempted, but the ball is tipped by a defender at the line of scrimmage and falls to the ground, this is called:

    a) an incomplete

    b) a fumble

    c) a muff

    d) third-and-1.

    10. An official NFL field is:

    a) 150 feet wide.

    b) 160 feet wide.

    c) 170 feet wide.

    d) too narrow for Sav Rocca.

    11. How many players may go into motion during an offensive set?

    a) 1

    b) 2

    c) 3

    d) Everyone except Correll Buckhalter. Hes on the sideline.

    12. If the Eagles do not make the playoffs, the final regular-season game will be followed by:

    a) a big party at Andys house.

    b) a week of review and planning.

    c) postseason physicals.

    d) Kevin Kolb.
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    Rep for you, Bandi :icon_cheesygrin:
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    It hurts, but its funny
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    Hilarious. :rollinglaugh:
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    of course mcnabb played the "i'm always picked on for no reason" card.
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    Funny... I didn't hear that in his press conference
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    he doesnt have to say directly but by bringing up the fact that others didn't know then adding but i'm used to being ripped implies it.

    he has been knocked unfairly at times ? yes but why is it wrong to rip him for his heck-ups ?
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    Someone should actually give him the test and see how many he gets right!