The NFC Is Better Than The AFC

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    I have always thought this and this morning i heard on Mike and Mike that if the broncos win tonight on MNF against the Chargers, there will be 2 AFC teams with winning records, while there are 7 in the NFC

    AFC -
    Texans - 5-1 (Dismantled by an NFC team this week)
    Ravens - 5-1 (Should have lost to an NFC team)

    NFC -
    Falcons - 6-0
    Bears - 4-1
    Vikings - 4-2
    Arizona - 4-2
    Seattle - 4-2
    49ers - 4-2
    Giants - 4-2
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    The Ravens did lose to an NFC team....the Eagles.

    I don't care much about conference versus conference, but the champs keep coming out of the NFC lately.
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    i was real happy with that win to