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    Since Monday, 5 March the National players start the camps at Tampa. 84 players fighting for the 48 spots on the 6 teams.

    On Thursday the players was allocated to the teams, as follow:

    Amsterdam Admirals

    Position Name Country
    OLC Matla, Pascal The Netherlands
    WRY Kinocrapa, Noriaki Japan
    WRT Schnee, Yoan France
    RBT Andrew, Michael Great Britan
    DLT Majando-Mwamba, Patrice Belgien
    DLT Yukhonovich, Artsem Belarius
    DLE Watts, Daniel Great Britan
    LBM Bjork, Carl-Johan Sweden
    LBO Mensah, Akwasi The Netherlands
    DBS Ivanov, Sergey Russia
    DBC Kato, Koki Japan

    Berlin Thunder

    Position Name Country
    WRY Tella, Gustavo Mexico
    WRY Gamez, Alejandro Mexico
    RBF Corona, Juan Jose Mexico
    OLG Garcia, Juan Meciko
    OLT Gutekunst, Samuel Germany
    DLE Finke, Patrick Germany
    DLE Ritzmann, Constantin Germany
    LBM Smith, Shaun Great Britan
    LBM Ewvaraye, Efe Finland
    LBO Topcu, Cneyt Turkey
    DBS Flemming, Oliver Germany

    Cologne Centurions

    Position Name Country
    WRY Malm, Christian Sweden
    WRY Ogawa, Michihiro Japan
    WRT Hippler, Werner Germany
    OLT Ewvaraye, Seppo Finland
    OLC Rantanen, Jarno Finland
    OLT Ademiluyi, Ayo Great Britan
    OLG Robles, Francisco Mexico
    DLT Lopez, Mauricio Mexico
    DLT Velasquez, Everado Mexico
    LBO Gardent, Philippe France
    LBO Cantu, Erick Omar Mexico
    DBS Schober, Daniel Germany

    Frankfurt Galaxy

    Position Name Land
    WRY Hagiyama, Ryoma Japan
    WRY Ohtaki, Yui Japan
    WRT Pawlik, Florian Germany
    RBF Latka, Martin Germany
    OLG Akah, Emmanuel Great Britan
    OLT Ansu-Yeboah, Kevin Germany
    DLT Benetka, Daniel Germany
    DLE Winkler, Ulrich Germany
    LBM Ishida, Rikyia Japan
    LBM Isai, Jesus Mexico
    DBC Greene, Lenny Germany

    Hamburg Sea Devils

    Position Name Land
    WRY McCready, Scott Great Britan
    WRY Chambers, Dwain Great Britan
    WRY Wong, Juan Mexico
    RBT Allen, Jermaine Great Britan
    OLC Blomvall, Carl-Jophan Sweden
    OLC Perea, Jose Mexico
    DLE Ishola, Ben Germany
    DLE Lopez, Gerado Mexico
    LBM Durde, Aden Great Britan
    LBO Hurtado, Jonathan Mexico
    DBS Ozongwu, Onoh Great Britan
    DBS Hori, Ryota Japan

    Rhein Fire

    Position Name Land
    WRY Allen, Marvin Great Britan
    WRT Luoto; Iiro Finland
    OLG Heyer, Peter Germany
    OLC Odenthal, David Germany
    DLE Mohr, Christian Germany
    DLT Solano, Salomon Mexico
    DLE Fuchs, Christian Germany
    LBO Adjei, Richard Germany
    LBO Castenada, Eduardo Great Britan
    LBO Brisbane, Jason Great Britan
    DBS Yanci, Richard Germany

    The biggest loss for the Galaxy is prolly T Samuel Gutekunst, who was allocated to Berlin. Ulrich Winkler is back at Frankfurt. He was part of a develop program, that allows National players to participate on NFL teams practice, but didn't count to the roster or the cap. Winkler was at Cleveland.

    Today the 1st US players arrive at the camps. Offensive skill position players, along with centers, were the first to arrive and they will now conduct a short passing camp before being joined by remaining offensive linemen, defenders and special teamers on Sunday. The first full team practices take place on Wednesday March 14.
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    Good luck to the nationals. IMHO McCready should not be listed as a national. Not long now
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    The Centurions changed the teams name. They had become the Centurions Kln. Kln is the German Name for Cologne and the Centurions want to prove their ties with the city.
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    Camp Schedule

    March 20 Combined workouts
    Matchups are as follows:
    9 a.m. Amsterdam vs Hamburg
    12 noon Cologne vs Rhein
    3 p.m. Frankfurt vs Berlin

    March 24 Game-condition scrimmages
    Matchups are as follows:
    9 a.m. Berlin vs Amsterdam
    12 noon Hamburg vs Cologne
    3 p.m. Rhein vs Frankfurt

    March 28 Combined workouts
    Matchups are as follows:
    9 a.m. Berlin vs Cologne
    11:30 a.m. Amsterdam vs Frankfurt
    2 p.m. Hamburg vs Rhein

    March 31 Game-condition scrimmages
    8:30 a.m. Frankfurt vs Cologne
    10 a.m. Rhein vs Amsterdam
    11:30 a.m. Hamburg vs Berlin
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    Kickers & punters allocated

    Frankfurt Galaxy

    Kickers: Rhys Lloyd (Free Agent/Minnesota)
    Punters: Kyle Basler (Cleveland Browns)
    Jeff Williams (Free Agent/Adams State)
    Amsterdam Admirals

    Kickers: Jaret Johnson (Free Agent/Idaho State)
    Punters: Glenn Pakulak (Tennessee Titans)

    Berlin Thunder

    Kickers: Andrew Jacas (Free Agent/Fort Valley State)
    Punters: Tom Malone (New England Patriots)
    D.J. Fitzpatrick (Free Agent/Notre Dame)
    Long-snappers: Matt Guardia (Free Agent/San Diego)

    Cologne Centurions

    Kickers: Nick Novak (Chicago Bears)
    Mark Brubaker (Free Agent/East Stroudsburg State)
    Punters: Joel Stelly (Chicago Bears)

    Hamburg Sea Devils

    Kickers: Shane Andrus (Indianapolis Colts)
    Punters: Adam Anderson (Atlanta Falcons)
    Long-snappers: Jacob Rice (Free Agent/Oklahoma)

    Rhein Fire

    Kickers: Connor Hughes (Pittsburgh Steelers)
    Mark Hickok (Free Agent/Connecticut)
    Punters: Danny Baugher (New England Patriots)
    Long-snappers: Brian Jordan (Free Agent/Georgia)

    Barefooted kicker for us IIRC Olly
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    And not a single of those Chinese Kicker made it lol
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    Lloyd is british so why not listed as a national?
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    prolly bc he's playing college football
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    Maybe, but it must be a new thing.

    Emmitt Waldron the Irish LB for Claymores went to College & was listed as a national player. Sure theres more too
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    They did some changes to the rules this year. Maybe this is one of them.
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    give me the cash
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    According to a Galaxy fan forum, Frankfurt looks better than Rhein Fire.

    The QB depht chart should be J.T O'Sullivan, Bruce Eugene, Kevin Eakin

    [img:400:300:2045a0a588][/img:2045a0a588] [img:276:200:2045a0a588][/img:2045a0a588]
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    The Galaxy got their first taste of live action yesterday in a scrimmage with the Rhein Fire. The combined practice allowed for no cutting or tackling to the ground, but the players on both teams showed notable intensity.

    The teams played for pride, not points, and the sidelines erupted in cheers with each small victory, particularly during the group skill portion of the exercise.

    J.T. OSullivan stood out among the quarterbacks, completing six of seven passes for 94 yards. I thought he did a good job, said head coach Mike Jones. He really led the team up and down the field and made some good throws, but we know it takes more than good throws out there.

    Bruce Eugene racked up 63 yards on four-for-five throwing and Kevin Eakin was solid, with four completions for 39 yards.

    Brandon Middleton was the most frequent recipient of those throws and had three receptions for 68 yards. On one play, he took a particularly hard hit just as the ball came into his hands and still managed to bring it in for the completion. Robert Ortiz also looked strong and finished the day with three catches for 55 yards.

    The Galaxys running game was harder to measure, given the format of the scrimmage, but several players stood out as potential playmakers. Decori Birmingham rushed three times for a team-high 35 yards. Charles Anthony and Anthony Sherrell also rushed three times, for 18 and 16 yards, respectively.

    Coach Jones was especially pleased with the play of his defense. As always since weve been here, he said, our defensive line did a great job of getting out to the quarterback and pushing the offensive line back. I think our D-line did a great job today.

    Kenny King set the defensive bar with two sacks on the day.

    It was fitting that the first scrimmage of the season came against the Galaxys biggest rival, the Rhein.

    Its kind of a reoccurring trend, said WR Aaron Hosack, who caught one pass for 13 yards. We did it the last two years. A lot of these guys coming over dont know what the rivalry is about, so its cool to introduce it to them.

    I dont even like playing them during the regular season, said Coach Jones, but obviously we have to do that. This is one of our rivalries and it makes it a little tougher because the guys come out with a little more intensity, but its just a scrimmage for us and we know it doesnt count. It doesnt matter (what the score is), but it does matter how you show up.
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    Former Royals 2nd round pick, is in camp with the Galaxy

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    JT is looking good again, I hope he will take the most snaps during the season.

    The workout was a little shortend, bc some the players and coaches get into a fight and had to be seperated by their teammates. It looks like Amsterdam can't forget the defeat in the WB. lol

    We Galaxy fans are a little sad right now. National DE Daniel Benetka had announced his retirement after the season. The "Bull" was an outstanding player for the last seasons, and after K Ralf Kleinmann had retired, the player most fans indentifed with. Rumors are around that he will appear in the WWE.
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    Temperature rising

    The six NFL Europa League teams were tested in pressure situations for the first time on Saturday as the opening game-condition scrimmages of preseason training camp took place at Tampas Jefferson High School. The joint sessions, which were held in blistering and testing conditions, offered head coaches of all six clubs a first look at how their players would fare when the stakes are raised in the regular season. [hr:368ec918ba]

    The camp gets harder now and the players had to step up to secure a roster spot.
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    Jack Bicknell retires from coaching[hr:6f29f3fcce]
    Hamburg Sea Devils HC Jack Bicknell annouced his retirement today. After being HC inthe NFLE for 15 years, Bicknell said it was for health reasons. He was infected with a viruns in December, but never full recovered from it. He will be succeed by OC Vince Martino, who teamed up with Bicknell for more then 30 years.
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    Found this on

    Hamburg coach Bicknell resigns

    Jack Bicknell has stepped down as head coach of the Hamburg Sea Devils, citing health issues as the reason for his resignation.

    The 69-year-old Bicknell, who served as head coach of the Barcelona Dragons (1991-2003), Scottish Claymores (2004) and Sea Devils (2005-06), will be replaced by long-time assistant Vince Martino, who moves up from his position as offensive coordinator.

    I am, of course, really sad that I wont be going over to Hamburg as head coach of the Sea Devils, Bicknell said. But I didnt want to go over and then realize after two weeks that my health isnt good enough to coach the team.

    Bicknell, who is recovering from a virus he contracted in December, oversaw the opening two weeks of training camp in Tampa, Florida, before coming to his decision.

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    Today was the last day at the Tampa camps. The teams prepare to leave to US.

    The Frankfurt Galaxy is scheduled to arrive at the Rhein-Main Airport on Monday at noon. If work won't keep me away, I'll be there to take some pics.