The ongoing saga of Terrell Owen’s HOF snub aka yet another reason the NFL is a piece of s**t

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    As a non-American, I couldn't care less about the anthem protests. I do think it's kind of hypocritical when at least half the fans don't stand, don't take off their caps, and even go to the bathroom during the anthem. Your problem, not mine.

    I don't want to brag (well, I do), but I'd invite you to look for videos in youtube of when the Mexican Anthem played in the World Cup in Russia. THAT' S how a National Anthem should be played in a sporting event. Do you even know your own anthem?

    About T.O. he can do whatever the hell he wants. Pretty much like he has done all his life, or at least since he went pro. I say good for him, and if the Hall or the NFL, or whoever won't acknowledge him, it's their problem, not his. I can even bet he won't be the last to do this.
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    wait TJ, are you calling out americans, most of all the phoney patriots pissing and moaning about the nfl ?

    I mean I hope you are, because the atmosphere in this country anymore is disgusting and filled with faux patriotism which is being used to fuel the divide back to the 60's.

    I don't really like the protests, but I understand them. I just think the message has been lost and its not doing anyone, any good at this point.

    whatever, on TO, his loss. amazing player on the field and deserved to be a 1st ballot (like 100's of other players can say as well), but he's a mental midget. always has been, always will be. funny thing is, with the amount of eagles fans that will be there for dawkins, guarantee you he would've gotten the TEEEOOO teeeo teeo chant, and you know he loves him some him.
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