The Team that Invented Football

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    This long piece is perhaps not everyone's cup of tea but here's what I'd consider to be an exceptional article from Definitely a must read for anyone interested in the history of the game of football.

    At the turn of the 20th century, Pop Warner coached at the Carlisle Indian Industrial School when Jim Thorpe was shipped away there by his father. It was a small school that catered to Native Americans, with about 1,000 total students between the ages of 12 and 25.

    In 1912, Carlisle was to play Army led by future President Dwight Eisenhower. A victory by Army would probably put them number one in the polls.

    The Indians had installed a new offense full of trick plays and misdirection and had been practicing it all season, but were waiting for this game (the twelfth of the season) to unveil it.

    This was just the second meeting between the Indians and Army since the Wounded Knee Massacre of 1890 (where the U.S. Army killed 300 members of the Sioux tribe).

    Pop Warner didn't need to give any motivational speeches: "I shouldn't have to prepare you for this game. Just go to your rooms and read your history books."
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    Thanks for sharing the link. That will make a good reading. [smilie=cool.gif]
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    Thanks Double C. If you're interested, here is another enlightening article regarding the Carlisle Indians.
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    nice read.
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    Did you know that George Halas helped design the football we use today..The Duke.In 1940, heeding the advice of influential team owners Tim Mara of the New York Giants and George Halas of the Chicago Bears, the NFL selected Wilson as the league's official football supplier. The following year, Wilson introduced a redesigned football and named it "The Duke" in honor of Mara's son, Wellington. The Duke stayed in play for nearly three decades until the NFL and AFL merged in 1969.
    Effective on May 1, 2006, the "Official NFL Game Ball" become "The Duke" in honor of football legend Wellington "Duke" Mara. Mara, who passed away last October at the age of 89, dedicated 81 years to the New York Giants as an administrator, owner and unwavering booster.
    George Halas got something like 25c for ever football used, right up untill his death in 1983.
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    Yeah, I think I read it in that book.
    Another great read!