The Top Five Most Famous Sports Penises of All-Time

Discussion in 'NFL General Discussion' started by SportsChump, Jan 18, 2014.

  1. SportsChump

    SportsChump Active Member

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  2. Steve12

    Steve12 @oneearsteve

    I gotta admit I was a little scared to click on this thread, but it was worth it lol
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  3. SportsChump

    SportsChump Active Member

    he he, I suppose it should have come with a warning label.
  4. Diesel44

    Diesel44 Pro Bowler

    what a total and complete idiot!
  5. SportsChump

    SportsChump Active Member


    Now I know what to get my girl for her birthday. Thanks.
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  6. DawkinsINT

    DawkinsINT Chip Chip Hooray!

    I forgot about those Yankees players pulling the ol' switcharoo. I had Uncles and Aunts on my fathers side do the same thing in the late 70s.
  7. SportsChump

    SportsChump Active Member

    So you're family tree doesn't fork, Dawk?

    I did hear that Damon and Affleck were working on a movie about their exploits but I also heard they were getting some resistance from Kekich.

    If anything, you figure he'd be, ahem... open to it.
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  8. 86WARD

    86WARD NFL's Dirtiest Player Staff Member

    Wasn't Santonio Holmes plastered all over the internet too?
  9. SportsChump

    SportsChump Active Member

    Hmmm... I don't recall that.

    Kinda glad I missed it.
  10. markaz

    markaz Resident Cards Fan Staff Member

    Perhaps Antonio Cromartie? 12 children by 8 different women. (Finally had a vasectomy after the twins...#11 & #12). Definitely on a Top 10 list.
  11. Walnuts

    Walnuts Five parts of my brain contain Alien Powers

    My thought as well.
  12. SportsChump

    SportsChump Active Member

    That's right. Forgot about him.

    Someone probably could have introduced him to the wonders of the prophylactic.
  13. LebaneseFF

    LebaneseFF Error loading Staff Member

    Calvin Murphy NBA had 14 kids with 9 different women. !!!!!!!!!!

    He also faced charges at one point for sexually abusing 5 of his daughters. Sick.

    Shawe Kemp is up there too. I think less then Cromartie but still
  14. LebaneseFF

    LebaneseFF Error loading Staff Member

    I also remember something about Scott Skiles having a few kids but never knowing who the mothers were. Disgusting
  15. 86WARD

    86WARD NFL's Dirtiest Player Staff Member

    Travis Henry. 11 kids, 10 women. (One set of twins)
  16. markaz

    markaz Resident Cards Fan Staff Member

    That trumps Cromartie.
  17. SportsChump

    SportsChump Active Member

    Damn, and I thought I was sexually active.
  18. markaz

    markaz Resident Cards Fan Staff Member

    Definitely not the Trojan men.

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