Tickets To Eagles Vs. Falcons In Atlanta Almost Sold Out

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    If you want to cheer -- or boo -- Michael Vick in person when the Philadephia Eagles play the Falcons on Dec. 6, you better move fast. Tickets for Vick’s potential return to the Georgia Dome playing field were selling briskly the morning after the former Falcons quarterback signed with the Eagles. Falcons officials, while not giving sales figures, said there had been a jump in sales for that game Friday morning. “We never provide specific numbers on how tickets are going, but for obvious reasons, we’ve seen a spike in single-game ticket sales for our Dec. 6 game against the Eagles,â€￾ said Reggie Roberts, the team’s vice president of football communications. “That game is very close to being sold out.â€￾

    Source: Atlanta Journal Constitution
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    Alot of vick fans there
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    or Haters?
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    What a shock that tickets are almost sold out.:icon_rolleyes: