Titans DT Shaun Smith Is Worried About His Roster Spot

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    At the end of last season, there were multiple reports that Shaun Smith was wearing out his welcome in the Titans' locker room because of his mouth. Smith seems to have seen that writing on the wall. He told Jim Wyatt that he needs to do a better job of knowing when to talk and when to be quiet: "This is year 10 for me. You can still be a clown; you just have to know when to talk and when not to." Smith also admitted that he is a little bit nervous about having a spot on this team: “Am I worried? I’d be lying if I said I’m not worried,â€￾ said Smith, who had only 44 tackles and one sack last season and turns 31 on Aug. 19. “I have another baby on the way, another mouth to feed in November. … They are always bringing new guys in like Mike Martin; that is just the nature of the business. So I will be fighting for my job here in Tennessee, but I’ll be fighting for my job with 31 other teams."

    Source: SBNation.com

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