Titans OG Steve Hutchinson Not Planning On Retiring?

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    Head coach Mike Munchak, who played guard during his Hall of Fame NFL career, said at his year-ending news conference that the 35 year-old Steve Hutchinson — who started 12 games before suffering a knee injury that required surgery — had likely at least thought about retirement.

    But teammate Matt Hasselbeck said Hutchinson is hardly taking it easy these days.

    “He’s been kind of in the group of guys I’ve been working out with,†Hasselbeck said Wednesday at the Titans’ annual Volunteer Recognition Luncheon at LP Field. “He’s been working out really hard.â€

    Hutchinson was usually given one day off from practice per week last season, a routine that would likely continue if he returns in 2013.

    “I know for him, the position he plays is so physical that it’s going to be one of those situations where, ‘Are they going to work with me?’ — that kind of thing,†Hasselbeck said. “I would assume that played a part in his coming here to Tennessee, knowing you’ve got a head coach in Mike Munchak who understands what it’s like to play the position and what it takes to be successful.

    “Sometimes you have people that don’t help you take care of your body and be your best on Sundays. But if there was any team he would play for, it would be (the Titans) I’m sure.â€

    So, Hasselbeck was asked, it looks like Huthcinson plans on returning?

    “He’s working out really hard for nothing otherwise,†he said. “He looks really good to me.â€

    Source: The Tennessean

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