Titans QB Ryan Fitzpatrick Accepts His Role As A Backup

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    Ryan Fitzpatrick had never even visited the Tennessee Titans when he agreed to a two-year deal with the club last week at the NFL owners meetings near his home in Phoenix.

    While there, he met Titans general manager Ruston Webster and coach Mike Munchak and agreed to a two-year contract in Tennessee.

    Now, Fitzpatrick, the former Buffalo Bills starter, is embracing the role of backing up Jake Locker with the Titans, per the Associated Press.

    "I wanted to find a nice role for me to come in and more than likely help a young guy," Fitzpatrick said. "I thought that would be something that was important to look for and for me a great opportunity to come in. For me, (it's) a great opportunity to come in and help Jake. I don't know Jake at all, but I want to be there for him and be ready to play if anything happens."

    Source: National Football Post

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    ....and that's why he's a backup
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    He got paid a ton of money in buffalo and is a smart guy and will invest it well. He is probably good with holding a clipboard from here on out.
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    Also helps knowing there's a decent chance Locker gets hurt

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