Titans WR Kenny Britt Has Nothing To Hide From NJ Police, His Father Says

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    The father of Titans wide receiver Kenny Britt said his son is scheduled to meet with New Jersey police on Wednesday, and plans to clear his name of any involvement in a pair of violent incidents over the weekend.

    Jack Britt said his son has done nothing wrong, and “all the talk from police about Kenny being uncooperative is nonsense.â€

    “Kenny is not running from anyone. He has nothing to hide,†Jack Britt said Tuesday. “He is fully cooperating and the police are saying a lot of things that just aren’t true. They don’t have all the facts. Kenny is going to clear this thing up.â€

    New Jersey police have said they want to speak to Britt about an altercation that resulted in a close friend being stabbed, as well as another later incident in which a gunshot was fired. On Monday, Jersey City Police Captain Edgar Martinez said Britt hasn’t made himself available to police, and has been uncooperative.

    On Tuesday, Martinez confirmed a meeting has been set up with Britt and police, and it was supposed to take place on Tuesday.

    “Until he comes in, nothing has changed,†Martinez said. “Kenny Britt is a grown man. He needs to get here.â€

    Source: The Tennessean
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    Then where am he?

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