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    agree that roy williams is too high, i also think randy moss is also too high, and how can a rookie that is yet to see the field be top 25 in the league allready?
  3. Platoon 86

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    Bucky's List

    1. Steve Smith
    2. Chad Johnson
    3. Roy Williams
    4. Marvin Harrison
    5. Terrell Owens
    6. Andre Johnson
    7. Donald Driver
    8. Javon Walker
    9. Anquan Boldin
    10. Randy Moss
    11. Reggie Wayne
    12. Torry Holt
    13. Lee Evans
    14. Plaxico Burress
    15. Larry Fitzgerald
    16. Santana Moss
    17. T.J. Houshmandzadeh
    18. Deion Branch
    19. Laveranues Coles
    20. Calvin Johnson
    21. Mark Clayton
    22. Reggie Brown
    23. Hines Ward
    24. Darrell Jackson
    25. Marques Colston
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    I think Galloway and Glenn should be on this list
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    Those two deserve it more than Calvin Johnson, he hasn't even played yet.
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    excatly what i was thinking

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    How can you put someone on that list when they haven't even taken a snap in the NFL?:confused:
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    Ranked Too High

    Ranked Too Low
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    Can I ask why you think Santana Moss is ranked too high wide right? He's not coming off a great year admittedly but given the situation at QB, some injuries and only Chris Cooley as a legitimate threat in the passing game, he is still capable of big plays and games versus the Jags, Saints and Falcons are examples of that last year.
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    If you look at his numbers over the course of his career they are inconsistent. Which is the first sign that he's not an elite receiver rather one who had a couple of good seasons. Lots of players have 1 or 2 seasons in the NFL and then we never hear from them again. It's far more difficult to do it on a consistent basis like a Harrison, Holt, Driver, or even T.J. Houshmandzadeh who is ranked below him on that list.

    Will the real Sanatana Moss please stand up, please stand up.
    2003: 74 catches, 1105 yds, 10 TD
    2005: 84 catches, 1483 yds, 9 TD
    2002, 2004, 2006: averaged 43 catches, 687 yds, 5 TDs

    With a young QB, changes on the o-line, no complimentary WR, question marks at RB with Portis' health, and a coach whose offensive philosophy was written in 1985, all that mixed with his historically inconsistant numbers will lead to another average season for Santana Moss. Sure, he'll have 3 or 4 good games like you said but they play 16 games in the NFL. Therefore ranking him as the #16th best WR in the NFL is too high. IMHO
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    Fair enough, valid points (apart from the Houshmandzadeh comparision, sure, he might be consistent, but he's never being explosive either or a #1 for any team), although I still don't think he's ranked too high. He's played on run heavy teams a lot of his career. 2004 and 2006 he's missed time injured and in 2002, he wasn't a start (only started 3 games) so he should be expected to post big numbers in that year.

    Looking at 2004, Moss suffered from having a revolving door at QB too, with Bolling and Quincy Carter starting 7 games as well as struggling the whole of October 2004 with injury (missing a game and only playing bits of others).

    In 2006, apart from missing a couple of games last year and not completing a couple more, Moss also suffered from Campbell being brought on gently. Campbell only attempted 30 passes or more in 3 games last season. In those three games, Moss caught balls for more than 100 yards twice and did not play in the other.

    I find this quote interesting. Fair points on Campbell and his fellow WR's but the Redskins proved they could still run the ball well without Portis last year and there is one change on the OL, hardly turmoil (although Dock will be missed, I'd rather be replacing LG than say LT). Also, by your point about Moss's numbers, shouldn't 2007 be a peak rather than a valley ;)

    I certainly wouldn't try and argue Moss to be much higher up the list, I think he's better than Burress though. For me, he's got big play ability, fantastic run after the catch ability, can return if needed, can also run the ball on end arounds/reserves pretty well and is a willing blocker.

    Oh, Gibbs offensive scheme was wrote in the 70's:D although Saunders runs the O now.

    I'd disagree with TO being too high to. Sure, he had a problem with drops (due to a wrist injury) last year and he's a pain in the rear end as a person but big plays and production wise, it's hard to argue with his as one of the games best.
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    I'm glad that Reggie Brown got some respect. Hopefully at this time next year he'll be even higher.
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    quoted for motherfreaking truth.

    also, i wouldn't put any WR on that list that only has 1 year under his belt....sorry about that Colston...but on the other hand, Breesus will make a super star out of anyone :p
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    lol Wide, did you also notice that the even years haven't been kind to Moss?
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    Anybody that puts a rookie with ZERO stats on a top "anything" list deserves to be shot..
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    So he's gonna do good in 2007 because it's an odd year?