Top 5 Complete Safeties in the NFL

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    1. Ed Reed, Baltimore Ravens
    Covers like a corner, hits like a linebacker, thinks like a quarterback, plays the ball in the air like a wideout. As with Champ Bailey at corner, the gap between Reed and the rest is laughable.

    2. Bob Sanders, Indianapolis Colts
    Peyton Manning should thank Sanders every day for freeing Manning from hearing, "Yeah, but" for the rest of his life. His mere presence repaired the Colts laughable run defense in the playoffs. Further, if it werent for Sanders sniffing out a third-and-3 pass to Troy Brown late in the AFC Championship game and breaking it up, the Patriots would have run out the clock and, quite likely, won their fourth Super Bowl in six years. Great leader. Great player.

    3. Troy Polamalu, Pittsburgh Steelers
    It might have been the Bus Big Party but -- as with Colts observers -- shrewd Steeler devotees will always recognize Polamalus breakneck contributions in 2005 as being the driving force behind their Super Bowl win. He hits, covers, leads, makes crucial plays. Sadly, with growing awareness about the long-term effects of concussions, Polamalu -- who suffered his sixth documented one in November of 2006 -- may not be long for the league.

    4. Brian Dawkins, Philadelphia Eagles
    Hits, covers, leads. Is he the best combination of mayhem and cerebral play at the position? Entering his 13th season, Dawkins is coming off a year when he posted a career high in tackles and tied his career high in picks.

    5. Rodney Harrison, New England Patriots
    One of the greatest miscarriages of justice in professional football history is that Harrison has only twice been to Hawaii for the Pro Bowl. With 32 career picks, 28.5 career sacks, countless opponents intimidated and even more teammates inspired, Harrison -- even coming off two injury-marred seasons -- is the closest thing to Ronnie Lott sincewell, Ronnie Lott.

    Also receiving consideration: Mike Brown, Chicago; John Lynch, Denver; Mike Minter, Carolina; Darren Sharper, Minnesota.

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    Can't complain...
  3. showoff

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    either can i only thing i would do is swap 2 and 3 but that is my personal opinion
  4. Dam8610

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    My opinion, it's a nice list, but I'd have Dawkins higher, and I'd have Wilson on it in place of Harrison. Of course, I've already given my list on the top 32 defenders thread.
  5. Chrisbob

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    ESPN ranks them like this:

    1, Ed Reed
    2, Troy Polamalu
    3, Roy Williams
    4, Rodney Harrison
    5, Sean Taylor
    6, Brian Dawkins
    7, Bob Sanders

    I wouldn't agree with either list, Williams and Taylor too high and Dawkins too low and Adrian Wilson not getting a mention in the top 7 by ESPN at the same time I'll have to dig out some articles about Timmy Smith from 1988, because he must have been ranked one of the best backs in the game based on one good post season and Trent Dilfer must have been challenging the top QB's in the league around 2000.

    Ok, I'm being OTT, but it makes the point, Sanders is a fine player, I think he'll become better, but he's getting a lot of love for a short period (admittedly, as important as it gets) of time. It doesn't disguise the fact he's not proven to be durable, is not fantastic in coverage and doesn't have the play making abilities of some of the other guys around him.

    For me, I'd go Reed, TP, Dawkins, Adrian Wilson, Harrison though given Harrison's recent injury troubles and his getting up their in age, I'd expect him and Dawkins to drop away over the next year or so and Sanders, Rhodes and Taylor be the guys who would be fighting to replace them in my rankings which I'm sure they really care about! (Sarcasm!).
  6. DawkinsINT

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    I love the love that Dawkins is getting. He was excellent last year after a bit of a let down in 2005. I hope he can maintain the excellent level of play for another couple of years.
  7. Buck Fenson

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    Dawkins has been a beast for years. He is the face of the defense.
  8. DoubleC

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    I would have swapped Polamalu and Dawkins but the list seems pretty fair.
  9. ollysj

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    Polamalu over Sanders, on the others I agree
  10. TOP DAWG

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    I can't believe they have Sanders that high.Has he ever made it thru a whole season or close to it?Same with Harrison the last couple of years.Both are top 5 healthy,but don't they have to play to be effective?Reed,Polamalu,Dawkins,Taylor,Williams.
  11. Dam8610

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    I'm absolutely stunned by this development.

    2005, when the Colts were ranked 2nd in the NFL in scoring defense, he was named an all-pro, and the starting AFC FS in the Pro Bowl. He's not a Patriot though, so I'm not surprised you didn't know any of that.

    Taylor? Wow. Talk about overrating on potential. Williams is a biscuit away from being a LB, and plays like it, especially in coverage. This is "most complete", which I'm guessing means injuries don't play a factor, but rather he's evaluating purely on play on the field, but if that's the case, I don't understand how Adrian Wilson doesn't make the list.
  12. Chrisbob

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    Well, regardless of where you rank them, it'll be interesting to see what the Colts and Sanders make of TP's new deal when it comes to Sanders getting a new contract.