Training Camp Battles On Your Team

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    Where will the interesting training camp battles be on your team?

    For the [​IMG]

    Quarterback: Not the starting role, but I will look with interest to see if Casey Bramlet can force Todd Collins off the roster. If Brunell's shoulder gives up the ghost, it may not matter but at this point, I'm rooting for Bramlet but kind of expecting Gibbs to go with experience. Jordon Palmer is a major longshot but I expect him to get on the practice squad.

    Running Back: Rock Cartwright vs Derrick Blaylock. I think there is room for both but if the coaches need to find a spot for someone else they want to keep, it could get to be a tight squeeze. Cartwright is a better special teams player, Blaylock has a proven history within this system.

    #2 Wide receiver: Brandon Lloyd is expected to win this job, Randle El is looking to improve on his worst statistical season. Lloyd needs to pull his finger out.

    Left Guard: All the starting spots expect Left Guard are secure. Todd Wade was given a new contract to lock up the spot but he's a natural tackle and he could be pushed by Will Whitaker, who got good reports from mini-camp or Mike Pucillo who was on the roster all last year and seen a few snaps here and there.

    Defensive Tackle: Kedric Golston is expected to win the starting job next to Griffin but could be pushed by Anthony Montgomery.

    Outside Linebacker: Not officially a competition to start as Rocky McIntosh is expected to start but I have a feeling he'll be pushed hard by Lemar Marshall and it would not surprise me if Marshall won out.
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    QB - Should be set.
    RB - This should be interesting beyond Westbrook, Buckhalter, and Tapeh. Moats will be fighting for his life with Hunt and Ilaoa there. There also is the possibility that they could move one of them to FB as well. A lot of talent without many spots.
    WR - The main spots are taken here. It will be interesting to see how Baskett develops. I'm kind of hoping that he gives Curtis a run for his money as the second wideout opposite Brown. Bloom may be able to show that he can do more than just special teams.
    TE - Set with Smith and Schoebel.
    OL - There will be some lower depth battles, but nothing too exciting.

    SAM - Gocong should start, but after missing last year, Tank Daniels may be able to give him a good battle if he isn't ready for the NFL game. McCoy might be able to filter over as well.
    MIKE - If Trotter shows struggles like he did last year early, Gaither may be able to battle him. I think Trot will be fine though.
    WILL - Should be set with Spikes and McCoy.
    CB - The first 4 should be set. Minor battles for depth after that.
    OL - Bunkley should be able to step up, but if not Reagor is there to battle him. With Kearse back, an interesting battle might be Trent Cole and Darren Howard. Tons of depth and bodies here. We'll see how they shake out.
  3. BarlOwens

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    RB - 2nd string between Michael Robinson/ Michael Clayton

    WR - #1 is probably Darrell Jacksons..but #2 between battle/lelie?

    CB - 3rd string DB between Spencer/Brown

    SS - between the two Lewis's

    ILB - Smith/Willis...smith is Nolans ball jockey..should be Willis's job to lose

    RT - Harris vs Joe Staley...I hope to god Staley wins this

    RG - Smiley vs Baas? I see the niners maybe playing Baas more this year since Smiley is in a contract year?
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    Offensive Guard - The Colts have potentially 5 players (Jake Scott, Ryan Lilja, Rick DeMulling, Tony Ugoh, and Dylan Gandy, although Gandy appears to be moving to backup C) who could start here with only 2 players that will see the field.

    Predicted winners: I look for Jake Scott to retain his spot with Tony Ugoh taking over the other.

    Strong Side Linebacker - Incumbent Rob Morris is, to put it bluntly, not very good, and was basically handed the job in lieu of the failed Gilbert Gardner experiment last year, while challenger Tyjuan Hagler has very limited experience other than on the practice field, but has shown a great deal of potential when he has been given oppurtunities.

    Predicted winner: If both are given an equal oppurtunity at the job, I think Tyjuan Hagler will win the battle.

    Cornerback - This should be a wide open competition, as the Colts have little experience, but a ton of investment here, with Marlin Jackson, Kelvin Hayden, Tim Jennings, and Daymeion Hughes all being former Day 1 picks that will be competing for playing time, and potentially starting spots. No one on the team has starting experience at the spot either, so this should make for an interesting competition.

    Predicted winners: I think right now the nod has to go to the playmakers, namely Marlin Jackson (AFC Championship game clinching INT) and Kelvin Hayden (Pick-6 which all but clinched the Super Bowl). Keep an eye on Daymeion Hughes though, he's an excellent zone CB and fits the scheme perfectly, meaning he'll probably be challenging for playing time very early on.
  5. brakos82

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    RB- spots 3-infinity :icon_confused:

    WR2- Walter/Jones

    LT- Spencer's possible return

    DT2- Maddox/Payne
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    Starting QB: Probably will be McCown but I wouldn't totally count Walter out, and hopefully Russell won't even be considered the opening day starter.

    Second RB: between Fargas and Bush but i would put my money on Fargas, then plus after four games we get Rhodes.

    WR: Between Curry if (huge if) he can stay healthy and Joey Porter and his new attitude, also can't forget about Mike Williams.

    TE: Between Coutney Anderson and rookie Zach Miller

    DE: other side of Burgess is up for grabs. I am pulling for my Buckeye Jay Richerdson.

    FS: Between Stuart Schweigert and newly signed Donovin Darius

    I am sure there are others I am forgetting about
  7. brakos82

    brakos82 30% more cats than last year!

    RB depth 3-6

    WR2- Walter/ Jones

    LT- pending Spencer's return

    DT2- Maddox/ T. Johnson

    CB2- McCleon/ Bennett

    *EDIT* P- Stanley/ Turk
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    Ironically enough, throwing those names together would give the Texans exactly what they need.
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    I'd add Jerome Mathis to that mix as well.
  10. brakos82

    brakos82 30% more cats than last year!

    Yeah, but I can't see him leading opposite AJ by September. He'll have to battle Jones for KR/PR as well.
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    We're cool.
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    RB: After Greens depature, the starting spot is up to grab. Veteran Verand Morency had to battle against the rookies Brandon Jackson and DeShawn Wynn.

    WR: Driver should be set, but Ferguson had to step up or Greg Jennings will take over this position.

    CB: Woodson didn't show much last year, he will be challanged by Blackmoon and Dendy.

    TE: Is Franks able to perfom like he did 3 years ago? Lee, Alcorn and Humphrey are hungry for the starting job too.

    K: Ryner vs rookie Crosby - experience vs monster leg, we will see

    QB: Out of competition :icon_mrgreen: